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- They call me dad.
- What.
And, so, we've been
having a problem recently

that they've been arguing
over who gets to sit where.

You guys need to work this out.
Go sit on the front porch,
and let me know when you have a plan.
- I think I'm gonna burn myself.
- [Mom] Are you feelin' a little nervous?
- We did it, dude.
- We found a frog.
- [Mom] There's a frog down here?
(piano keys dinging)
- Ah.
- It comes down to this.
Good job.
So, this upcoming Sunday,
Isaac was asked to give a talk

in church, and he was given
the topic, choosing the right.

And, he has been working
on it this morning.

- I will talk about choosing the right.
Me choosing the right
is obeying our parents,

and choosing good, not bad.
For example, let's say my mom
asked me to load the dishes.

Choosing the right would be saying yes.
Not choosing the right
would be running away

and, or saying no.
I try to say yes.
If you choose the right, you
will be blessed, and so will I.

- [Mom] Nailed it.
- [Dad] I'm so proud of you.
You did it all by yourself.
- It's fun to see a kid
old enough to do that.

You're getting old.
You have a birthday coming.
You're getting an older.
- [Dad] Yup, birthday comin' up.
- This is breakfast.
Water, yogurt, carrots,
kale, I was gonna say kelp.
That's not (murmurs).
- That'd be gross.

- Mango and frozen berries.
(blender rattling)
It's like it's gonna take off.
So, it ends up looking a
little bit like diarrhea,

but it's actually a really good smoothie.
- [Dad] How's your diarrhea smoothie?
- It's amazing, but I don't like the name.
Let's call it yummy, healthy smoothie
that happens to be brown.
- Okay.

Sometimes the grosser it looks,
the better it is for you.

- There's an actual good name for it.
A mango, carrot, kale,
strawberry, blueberry,
blackberry, raspberry smoothie

with yogurt.
- [Dad] And water.
- [Mom] Papa, which one's our baby?
- [Dad] Hey (chuckles).
She's actually like
trying to play with this.

Gettin' so big.
You're so aware.
Our baby's getting so big.
Good job holding her.
- Mom taught me how.
Ah-doo, ah-doo-doo, ah-doo,
bah-doo, bah-doo, hello.

- We are going to gymnastics,
our first summer gymnastics.

(upbeat rock music)
- [Mom] Good work.
I'm doing something that
I have never done before.

I am taking all five of my
kids to the grocery store.

I think we can do this.
So, I put Jenee in the carrier,
and we only need a few things.
We're taking dinner to some
friends of ours tonight

that are busy moving.
And, I need something, and
so, I had no other choice,

but to come with everyone.
It's gonna be fun, right guys?
- [Child In Pink Pants] Mhm.
- [Kid's Voice] Apple.
- Apple.
We're surviving so far.
Luckily, the big kids are really helpful.
Isaac's pushing the cart, Elise's helping.
This is my favorite kind of
turkey, and it's on sale.

- [Child In Purple] Mm.
- Well, we're ending up leaving
before than I expected, bye

which is probably because
I'm really, really hungry

right now.
Come on, guys.
- We're coming.
(kids laughing)
- Behave please.
Anyway, shopping hungry
is never a good idea.

I think we ended up with
cookie dough and ice cream

and, who knows what else.
(upbeat music)
- [Kid In Red] This means that
the new white is 99 cents.

- [Mom] You think our
total is gonna be 99 cents?

- (chuckles) yeah.
- No.
We're getting out of here just in time.
Jenee's getting fussy.
So, our three younger
kids are in car seats,

so every time they get in the car,
they just sit in their car seat.
But, Isaac and Elise are in booster seats,
and they can sit in each
other's booster seats,

and so, we've been
having a problem recently

that they've been arguing
over who gets to sit where.

And, so finally today, I said, guys,
you guys need to work this out.
Go sit on the front porch,
and let me know when you have a plan.
And, so, they are trying
to come up with a plan

about how to share and
like who's sitting where.

So, let's see what they come up with.
Alright, so what's the plan?
- The plan is that permanently,
we just switch turns

every day, so the first
day is my turn, then hers,

then my turn, then hers.
So, that means in two years,
we would have the same amount of turns.
- Hm.
The two-year plan.
I love you guys.
Thanks for figuring out a
solution to your problem.

My house is quiet.
It's amazing.
I'm gonna eat my lunch now.
(soft music)
Well, we're done with discovery time,
but the little girls are still sleeping,
and so, I'm taking the moment
to teach the kids something

that I've been wanting
to teach 'em for awhile,

but they're kids.
Ah, there's something in my toe.
Ah, okay, sorry, thought it was a bug.
I decided that it's time for the big kids
to learn some good oven safety skills.
I'm ready for them to
learn how to put something

in the oven, and take
something out of the oven.

The oven is cold, and so, I'm
trying to teach the skills

right now when the oven is not hot.
Then, we're gonna try
doing it with a hot oven,

and bake some cookies for our neighbors
that we're taking dinner to tonight.
- The oven is cold.
- [Mom] Open it up, grab it.
Don't touch the rack.
Okay, so, it's always better
to go with both hands.

- These are my safety
mittens, and they're dirty.

Kinda yucky.
- Alright, the oven is still cold.
Keep it flat.
Good job.
We don't want any of those
cookies to fall off the sheet.

Now, Elise, you gotta
really watch on this side,

that you don't bump your hand.
Good job keepin' it level.
Oh, level.
Open it up.
- Beep, beep, beep, beep.
There goes the timer.
- Good job.
Keep it flat.
Oh, you're doing a great
job with those cookies.

Good work.
Good job. Keep it level.
Keep it level.
Oh, don't burn yourself
by bringing it back.

Good job.
Who wants to make some real cookies?
- [Elise] Me.
- [Mom] What temperature are
we gonna preheat the oven to?

- 350?
Or 325.
- I'd do 325.
And then, you have to hit start.
You guys are gonna make these
cookies all by yourselves.

- So, once I'm a grown-up,
like married grown-up,

I'm gonna like get these cookies out,
and once my kids are asleep,
I'm gonna just bake them

and eat them.
- [Mom] All by yourself (chuckles)?
- But, I might share with one person.
- [Mom] Who would you share with?
- I don't know.
- [Mom] Maybe your wife?
- Yeah.
- [Mom] Do you think she might want one?
(boy chuckling)
Would you share 'em with me?
- You're gonna be dead.
- [Mom] What (chuckles)?
No, I wont.
I'm gonna live next door to you,
and be the grandma to your children.
- How will you know where I live?
- [Mom] 'Cause you're gonna
tell me where you live,

so I can send you Christmas presents.
- What will you give me?
- [Mom] Adult Christmas
presents, like a vacuum cleaner.

- Oh.
And a phone?
- [Mom] Maybe.
You might have to buy your own phone
'cause you'll be a big person.
You have to do your own
work and buy your own phone

and your own car and your own electricity.
- Let's get to work.
- [Mom] Alright, so we bought
easy chocolate chip cookies today.
Caleb, can you put them
on the tray for us?

(upbeat music)
So, what are you thinkin'?
- I think I'm gonna burn myself.
- Are you feelin' a little nervous?
If you don't want a
tray, you don't have to.

- I want you to help me,
like I want you to tell
me what I need to do,

like what--
- I will definitely help you.

- Mhm.
- Alright, you ready to go?
Now, it's a hot oven.
Now, I'm just gonna help you.
Caleb, stay back.
Good job.
Okay, now, shut the oven.
You ready?
Open it up.
You need to go to the side,
like it needs to, if you can.

So, don't touch the cookies.
Good job.
Good job.
Keep it level.
Put it up there. Watch out for your leg.
Good job.
Okay, now, shut the oven.
You did it, dude.
(triumphant music)

- Can I see them?

- [Mom] Do they smell good?
- Can we eat some?
- [Mom] Well, we're gonna
share some with our friends,

but I bet they'll be
some for us to eat too.

You're gonna slide them
underneath, and put it right here.

The kids are outside
playing in the water again.

They have water guns this time,
so they're really excited about that,
and I am putting together
dinner to take to our neighbor.

I'm using a freezer
meal, so it's just easy.

And, it is called honey
lime chicken enchiladas.

It's one of our favorite.
Here's the filling for the enchiladas,
and then, there's this topping,
and then, you cover it all

in a can of mild green
chili enchilada sauce,

which is one of my favorites.
Oh, and cheese.
Obviously, you'll also
need a lot of cheese.

- We found a frog.
- [Mom] You guys found a frog?
There's a frog down here?
Oh, it is definitely alive.
Oh my goodness.
- It's shy, it looks like.

- [Mom] Oh, it's a cute little frog.
- [Kid In Green Swimsuit]
It's a baby frog.

- [Mom] You think it's a baby frog?
Here, let's see if daddy
can move the thing for us

so we can get him out.
- [Kid's Voice] Oh, oh.
- [Mom] Oh, that's yucky back there.
There's the little frog.
- [Elise] I think it likes it--
- [Mom] Oh (laughing).
Caleb, you can try to catch it.
- [Caleb] No, it's hard.
- [Elise] He might be peeing.
- [Mom] Why do you think he's peeing?
- [Elise] Because I saw
yellow right between his legs.

- It's okay, little buddy.
- Elise, you're right, the
underside of his legs are yellow.

So, Isaac just came running out and said,
"Mom, the fire alarm's going off."
So, I come running in, the house is quiet.
Turns out it was our rice cooker
which, to be honest, makes
a really crazy loud sound.

- I haven't heard a fire
alarm in our house, really.

So, I didn't really know what it was,
and I forgot our rice cooker was so loud,
so I just ran outside and told the parent,
it's a fire alarm.
- [Mom] Well, that's a really smart idea.
You should always tell us
if you think there's a fire in your house.
Alright, you guys can go back
down and play with the frog.

- Uh, I don't want to play with it.
Sort of freaked out.
- Okay.

Why are you freaked out?
- I don't like frogs.
- We named the froggy, Junior.
- [Dad] Junior.
- [Kid In Green Swimsuit] Caleb Junior.
- It's right there.
- [Dad] It's kind of hard
to see a froggy in the dirt.

- Let's try to catch him in this big bowl.
- Can frogs breathe in water?
- [Dad] Um, I don't know. I think so.
What's your plan for catching Junior?
- I think I should just
wait until he hops in.

- [Dad] You'll just top right in there?
Okay, you guys, you stay here and wait,
and you let me know if he hops in, okay?
(easygoing music)
- [Kid In Green Swimsuit]
Is the water okay?

- [Dad] You're gonna have to be fast.
(dad chuckling)
Okay, get your hands out there.
Hold him.
You gotta get in front of him,
or he's gonna get into the woods.
He jumped right on you.
Did it hurt?
- No, it just--
- [Dad] Did it surprise you?
- Yes.
- [Dad] Keep your hands around him.
(kids laughing)
Hey, do you want to try?
- [Mom] Lorde, what were
you just telling me about?

- Caleb Junior.
- [Mom] Who's Caleb Junior?
- Froggy.
- [Mom] Have you held him?
- [Caleb] I poured water in there.
Come to drink.
- [Dad] Very ain't that full.
- [Caleb] Yeah.
- [Dad] And, there's a crack in there
so he can breathe, right?
- Yeah, I'm trying.
I'm getting him frozen water,
but I've tried catching

some bugs, but he's not, but
they're not comin' to me.

- It's okay that it might
not work to catch the bugs

by just hoping they fly into your bowls.
Do you think he's happy in there,
or do you think we should let
him back out into the woods?

- I think he's fine.
- [Dad] Okay.
So, Caleb, how do you think
Junior's mom and dad feels

about you keepin' him?
- I'm letting him go tomorrow morning.
- [Dad] Well, did you ask permission
if you could stay the night?
- I know his mom and dad don't
want him to stay the night,

but I want to keep him.
- [Dad] We probably should respect
what his mom and dad want, and
let him go before the night.

- Well, the food's all ready to go
to deliver to our neighbors,
and I'm kind of sad.

They've been such great neighbors.
I'm really sad to see them moving.
I got the hot stuff,
and Elise has the salad and the cookies.
Ready to go?
- (laughing) yeah.
- I'm letting Junior go.
- [Mom] You're letting Junior go?
- [Caleb] Mhm.
- [Mom] Wow, what made you
decide to let Junior go?

- I don't know.
I just wanted to.
I'm letting Junior go
maybe because I think he might be happier.
- [Mom] There goes Junior.
Do you think he's going
back to his mom and dad?

- [Caleb] Mhm.
- [Mom] He had an adventure today.
He'll say, "This boy and
this girl, they caught me.

"And, they took such good care of me."
- [Caleb] I can't see him anymore.
- [Mom] Well, Junior has
made it all the way over here

to the edge of the woods.
He's almost there.
You think that's where his mom is?
- Yeah.
That's his room.
- [Mom] Goodbye, Junior.
Thanks for playing with us.
- [Caleb] Yeah, goodbye.
- [Mom] You're sad to let him go, huh?
- Mhm.
- [Mom] You took really
good care of him, buddy.

Alright, tell them what you did.
- I cleaned the whole kitchen.
- [Mom] The whole kitchen.
- [Elise] Look.
- [Mom] It looks amazing.
- Look, completely wiped right there.
- She wiped the table, they
counter-swept the floor,

loaded the dishwasher, did the dishes.
I am so proud of you.
Guys, look how amazing this is.
Oh my goodness, and she
washed all of these.

I'm so proud of you.
We are so blessed (smooching)
to have you in our family.

- Yeah.
- [Mom] You wanna give us a good night?
- Good night, J house out.
- [Dad] Look at those guns.
- [Mom] You got it.
- [Dad] Looks really good.
- Way too much soap.
Clean that house.
- Oh my.



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