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- All right I wanted to
tell you guys about what

happened last night.
- And every single one of
these shoots out at me.

- And we have decided on a name.
People say that you can name your baby
based on looking at them.
- I love you.
I'm your big sister.
(peaceful music)
- Well she is so peacefully sleeping
right now and beautiful.
- She's supposed to be wanting to eat.
But she is zonked.
Let's see here little face.
Look, doesn't she look hungry.
(Jeremy laughs)
All right, so our big goals for the day,
she needs a name,
I need a shower.
- [Jeremy] She needs a bath.
- And she does need a bath.
You might, also, need a bath.
- I stink.
- And we're also gonna
try to get some rest.

Unfortunately we just found out
that there's a rule at
the hospital right now,

that no kids, under the
age of 14 can come visit,

because the flu is
apparently getting kinda bad

in the Kansas City area.
And so, our kids aren't
gonna be able to meet their

little sister.
Jeremy's going to be able to go home.
Well they're going to
eventually get to meet her.

They just can't meet her today.
- [Jeremy] We're in the hospital.
- We're in the hospital.
We'll have to take her home.
So Jeremy's gonna be heading home.
He'll be back and forth and
he can show 'em pictures.

Sorry, I don't know if I made sense.
I didn't sleep last
night and I gave birth,

so I'm a little foggy up here.
- She's on special medications.
- Oh I am.
I am on some pain relievers.
So she just go checked
out by the pediatrician

and she looks great.
And that's just always a big relief.
Very grateful for a healthy baby girl.
- [Jeremy] Hi big girl.
- [Kendra] Hi big girl.
- [Jeremy] Say hi to the viewers.
- So we are going to take
her to go get her bath.

See, it's not so bad.
See how good you smell.
She's so cute.
It's official, you're a girl.
- Look at your dad.

- [Nurse] He's takin' a picture.
Yeah, we don't put these
on our little guys.

(nurse laughs)
- [Kendra] Ahh.
That's sweet.
- [Nurse] There you go.
- [Kendra] Thanks.
- [Jeremy] People say that
you can name your baby

based on looking at them.
- [Nurse] Uh Huh.
- [Jeremy] I was thinking Sherman.
She's just has that old man look.
- Hey!
(Jeremy laughs)

You're beautiful.
(nurse laughs)
- The bow helps.

- [Nurse] A beautiful Sherman, huh?
- (laughs) Shermina.
So we're doing some snuggle time.
I love it.
- It's been about 40 minutes

- [Jeremy] Of her just
layin' on your chest.

- I might do this for
like the next two days.

If you need me I'll be here.
So I can't believe, she was in my tummy.
Like those kicks and those
wiggles, that was her.

Like it's just crazy.
Oh sorry, did I startle you?
(baby makes a noise)

- [Jeremy] She's good.
- So they have a Subway in the hospital
and Kendra was wanting that instead of
the hospital food, which I will eat.
- So we have a tradition in our family,
and that is that Jeremy
gets to change the diapers

in the hospital.
He's a great first diaper changer
and Laura, Laura I've called her Laura
a couple times already.
- [Jeremy] This is not Laura.
- This is not Laura.
- [Jeremy] But that's gonna happen.
- Our baby girl needs a diaper change.
- So I'm home to tell the kids
the good news.
- All right I wanted to tell you guys
about what happened last night.
- [Kids] What?
- So mom went into labor.
(kids gasp)
We showed up at the hospital around 2:30,
and about 3:18, at exactly 3:18,
a new baby girl was born into our family.
Isn't that exciting?
- Yeah
(kids squeal)

- [Jeremy] Do you wanna see some pictures?
- [Kids] Yeah!
- [Jeremy] Look at this.
- She's so cute.
- [Jeremy] Do you see it Caleb?
- Mm hmm.
Can we see another one?
- [Jeremy] Yeah.
- [Kids] Ahh.
(Jeremy laughs)

- [Jeremy] Ahh
Oh look it, she's getting her first bath.
She was dirty.
Look at that one with her little bink.
- Oh she's smiling.
Why do they have those special clothes on?
- [Jeremy] Oh, like mom's
clothes at the hospital?

That's a good question.
Having a baby is kinda messy.
Kinda like when you go to an art class.
- Oh.
- [Jeremy] Yeah, you don't wanna get stuff
all over your clothes.
Any other questions?
Yes, Isaac.
- Have we named the baby?
- Next question.
Ha ha, I'm just kidding.
Mom and I are still
narrowing down the name for the baby.
It's a tough decision.
- Me!
- [Jeremy] Yes, Laura,
do you have a question?

- The baby takes a bath and
have something in her bum.

- [Jeremy] Did the baby
have something in her bum?

Yes, she took a bath and
got her bum all clean.

- What was that little like,
- Good question.

- Big like, it looked
like, what was that thing

on her belly button?
- [Jeremy] That is where the,
oh do you know?
- That's where the food
comes in to feed it.

- [Jeremy] Yeah, do you
know what that's called,

that takes the food?
It's called the umbilical cord.
- Umbilical.
When are we gonna meet the baby?
- [Jeremy] So we can't take
any kids to the hospital

because of a flu.
So we will be coming home with the baby
and you'll get to hug her and hold her
and love her and change her poopy diapers.
- Eww.
- All day?

- [Jeremy] Hopefully!
(everyone laughs)
- All day?
- [Jeremy] We're tryin' to teach you good.
- Laura's like all day?
- [Jeremy] Yeah, but the
baby will live here forever.

We will forever more be a
family with five kiddos in it.

Can you believe it?
- Now we can have seven
people in the family

- Now I change more poopy diapers.
- I will too.
- [Elise] She's so cute.
(Papa pumping a bike pump)
- So I took a shower, which felt good,
and I'm tryin' to get back to
Kendra as quick as possible,

but there's a nail in one of my tires.
Papa is pumping it up with a bike pump.
And we're trying to
figure out how to fix it

so I can get back to the
hospital as soon as possible.

- Okay, it's pumped up again.
- What about the nail?
- Thank you.

- So I just got back to
the labor and delivery unit

and we're doing a hearing
test for our little baby girl.

Oh it looks like Kendra just woke up.
She was taking a nap. (laughs)
She can hear.
She passed the hearing test.
- [Nurse] And her hearing's great.
- I'm so glad.
- [Jeremy] Did you get a nap?
- I did, I slept for a little bit.
- [Jeremy] I'm so happy.
- And I
- Need some ice water.

(ice pouring in a cup)
(water running)
(piano music)
- Well it looks like
everybody is feeling tired.

I already got a nap and so I am excited,
cause I kinda wanna get up and shower.
It's gonna feel good
to feel fresh and clean

and get the IV out.
- Lisey you are going to be
such a wonderful big sister

of this little girl.
She kinda looks like you to me.
- Hi baby.

I love you.
I'm your big sister.
Someday I'll hold you.
- Yes you will.
In just a couple days, you will.
- Is your tummy still big?
- It is still big.
It takes awhile to get little again,
but it's littler than it was yesterday.
And tomorrow, it'll be
littler than it is today.

- Hi baby.
(sighs) She's just so sweet.
She smiled.
- I know, isn't she precious?
- [Isaac] I think my
favorite part of the day

was eating pancakes actually.
- That's a good way to start the day.
- [Isaac] And bike riding.
Elise can literally, like
just ride in circles.

- How soon are we gonna make the name?
- Yeah, we should probably work on that.
Daddy and I'll keep workin' on it.
Were you surprised when
we weren't home today?

- [Caleb] Like I was gonna
come in and wake up dad

and I was like, why is there
only one person in the bed?

- You're like what, this
is grandma, not dad!

So whaddya think of you're little sister?
- She looks really cute.
- [Kendra] Oh, she is so precious.
- Mommy!
- [Kendra] Hi Laura how are you?
- Hi mama.
- Hi Laura.
Do you see?
Who's this Laura?
- [Laura] Baby!
- That's our baby.
- Hi baby sister.
- [Kendra] Yeah, there she is.
(Laura kisses the phone)
Oh, you kissin' her?
She says hi big sister.
- [Laura] Hi, I wanna hold her.
- You wanna hold her?
When we get home from the hospital
we'll let you hold her, okay?
Say goodbye to baby.
- [Laura] Goodbye baby.
- She says goodbye Laura.
So I just took a shower and
I've got to show you guys

the shower in this bathroom.
Look at all these nozzles!
So I come in and I look at this.
And I'm wishing that they were labeled,
because I'm just
not sure what does what.
So I decide to go for this one,
because I think it probably
operates the big one.

I turn it, nothing happens.
So I'm like, all right, maybe this one.
It's centered as well.
Cause I kinda figured that
these would operate these.

So I turn this and every
single one of these

shoots out at me in
cold water and I scream.

- [Jeremy] Which freaks me out.
- Yeah, Jeremy's out there
and he's like "are you okay?"

But I'm standing here with
cold water coming at me

- [Jeremy] And it's shooting.
- From every side.
Anywho, so I like, try to
like duck through the water

and then I turn these ones
and it starts coming out here.

The moral of this story
is, once I got it going,

I actually really enjoyed the shower
'cause you stand right here and
it's literally coming at you

from every side.
- [Jeremy] Yep.
- Which is kinda cool.
(baby crying)
- [Jeremy] Shh.
(baby crying loudly)
She had a burp.
We got it out.
Since we announced Kendra's pregnancy,
the question that we've gotten the most
is what we are going to name
our little baby girl.
And we have decided on a name.
We're really excited about it.
We feel good about it.
It's Janae.
And it has significant meaning to us.
It means, God's promised
fulfilled or God has answered.

And we really feel that all of our kids
have been a blessing.
You know, we started with Isaac,
unable to have to children.

We went through a couple
years of infertility

and you know, to have
had these five children

really feels like a miracle
to us and a blessing.

And an answer from God.
And so we're grateful to have
little Janae in our home.

- So, I was joking with Jeremy,
that we could do maternity pictures still.
Because even though I
had my baby like, what

I guess 18 hours ago, I
still look totally pregnant.

But that's okay.
Like it took nine months to
make this body go out that way,

and so it's gonna take
at least nine months,

probably for it to go all the way back in.
I just get to still feel like
I'm pregnant for a few days.

Let's go get our baby.
- So I'm coming home right now
to help put the kids to bed.

Papa took this car and got the tire fixed
while I was up with Kendra during the day.
They have been so amazing
in helping us out.

All of the kids have had a busy day.
You guys were ridin' bikes
today and playin' with Papa.

- I got hurt.
- We went out to ride
our bikes four times.

- Four times.
- Yeah.
- Holy cow.
(upbeat music)
[Child] Goodnight, J House out.
(baby crying)
- Hi sweetheart.
Hi, oh.
Yeah, that was rough.
(baby crying)




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