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- Look how cute she is.
Oh, she's making funny faces at you guys.
- Hi.
- We're getting ready
to do newborn pictures.

Our photographer friend Gillian
should be here any minute.

And yeah, here's the little girl.
You are beautiful Janae.
- [Jeremy] Jillian's amazing.
I loved our maternity pictures.
Aw, she's so sad.
- Can I hold you?
And we don't dare take your binky out,
because we know what you
do without your binky.

(camera clicks)
It's kinda too late to think of this now,
but I'm like eeeee.
(warped voice)
(camera clicks)
- You might want to take your socks off.
- [Kendra] Look how sweet she is.
- Well we're super excited for Jillian.
She's actually pregnant
and gonna be having

a little one soon.
And she's not finding out the gender,
so that's gonna be an adventure.
This will be your third.
- Yep, number three.
- [Jeremy] Number three.
- I can't get enough pictures of her.
Like I can't get enough
of trying to capture

these moments, because I know
she's gonna grow so fast.
Look how cute she is.
I'm obsessed.
Is she making a funny face?
- [Jeremy] Yeah.
- Little frog face.
- [Jeremy] On a side note,
if your robe is wrinkly,

don't try to straighten it
with a hair straightener.

- Sometimes when I don't
have an iron on hand

I use my hair straightener.
And my robe was really wrinkly,
and so I decided, anyway,
I thinking I melted

some elastic of it, or
some part of the fabric.

- It still worked.
- Caution, flammable.

- [Jeremy] Yeah.
- Look, get her again,
she's just so sweet.

(gentle music)
I love how they breathe
when they're sleeping.

Look how cute she is.
Hey Janae.
Alright, if you guys need
me, I'm just gonna be here,

cuddling my baby all the time.
(atmospheric music)
So this is her going home outfit.
I'm excited about it, it has a little bow
that matches with it.
I don't think she's gonna be
very happy to get changed.

- [Jeremy] It's so big on her.
- Guys, this is a newborn size outfit.
You're a little peanut.
- [Jeremy] She'll grow into it.
- And how she's eating, she's
gonna grow into it fast.

Should we put a bow on your little head?
- [Jeremy] We have everything packed up.
It's time to go home.
Look at that yawn.
- [Kendra] You are so sweet, little girl.
- Alright, little peanut.
- [Kendra] So if you guys see
the little red blotchy part

over her left eye.
That's a stork bite.
- [Jeremy] Right there.
- [Kendra] And it's
going to slowly go away.

It's different than a birth mark,
but it's gonna be there
for a little while.

Look how cute she is.
- [Jeremy] She looks so tiny.
The kids are so excited.
- [Kendra] Do you think she's
gonna be ready for that?

- She has no idea what's about to hit her.
- [Kendra] It's a good life,
little girl, we promise.

Kinda loud.
So the same blanket we
put around Elise and Laura

when they came home from the hospital.
- So as we were driving
up, the kids were all

looking out the window, just waiting.
I'm so excited.
- How are you doing?
I missed you.
- I missed you Mama.
- Did you miss us?
- I missed you.
- Yeah, did you guys read some books?
- Yeah, while we were waiting.
- It feels so weird,
because I can't feel a baby.

- You're right, there's
not a baby in there.

- It feels squishy.
- It's just squishy.
- It used to be like you
can push down a little,

and you can feel the baby kick.
- Yeah, now there's no baby in there.
- That's really squishy.
- Be soft, that's still Mommy.
- How long does it take to
grow back to normal, like ours?

- Um, it takes a little while,
like a couple months probably,
'cause think about how
long it took to get big,

now it's gotta go little,
little, little, little, little.

- Then it's flat?
- Hypothetically.
So we have a tradition of the kids meeting
the baby in the hospital,
but they couldn't come

to the hospital this time,
so they're meeting her at home.
And what we do is we always make sure
that I get to be with the
kids first for a minute,

and then the baby comes in and joins us.
And so I just wanted to snuggle everybody
and then, you guys ready
to meet your sister?

- [All] Yeah.
- Do you guys want to hear her name?
- [All] Yeah.
- Should we tell 'em her name?
- [Jeremy] I think we should.
- Okay, her name is Janae.
- Janae?
- Janae.
- It's pretty.

- You like it.
- [Jeremy] Isaac, Elise, Caleb, Laura,
- Janae.
- [Jeremy] Janae.
- Oh.
- What do you think?
- I kinda like that.
- You like it?
- It's cute.
- Okay, we're gonna call her Janae.
- I never even heard that name.
- Yeah?
- [Elise] I have.
- You spell it J-a-n-a-e.
So normally, when the kids
meet their new brother

or sister, they get to hold her,
and we're not gonna let
the kids hold Janae today

because we've had strep
throat going around

in the house.
And so they're gonna get
to see her and admire her

but only Jeremy and I are gonna hold her,
just 'cause we're trying to protect baby.
Here she comes.
- Why is the baby not crying?
- [Kendra] 'Cause she's
sleeping right now.

Do you guys wanna see her?
I'm so excited.
Do you wanna come meet your family?
Do you want to meet your big brothers
and your big sisters?
Say hi to Janae.
- She's moving.
- Here she is.
It's your little sister.
Oh, no touching.
- Hi.
- No touching.

Oh, she's making funny faces at you guys.
- Hi, hi.
- She says (funny noise).
- Can she open her eyes?
- She can open her eyes.
- I want to see her open her eyes.
- Oh she's still like waking up?
- I think she is still waking up.
Oh, I think she's trying to open her eyes.
- Hey Janae, aw.
- Hi Janae.
- Tickle, tickle, tickle.
- Are you tickling her little toes?
- Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle.
- Her ears are so tiny.
- Do you guys remember when you felt her
kicking inside of me?
These are her little feet
she was kicking us with.

Look at how little her little feet are.
- She's asleep looking.
- She is, she's asleep.
Newborns sleep a lot.
- Is she asleep, Mommy?
- Now we can have her forever.
- We can.
We can keep her forever.
(playful piano music)
- [Laura] She's so cute.
- [Kendra] You think she's cute?
Can you tell us her name?
- Gina.
- It's Janae.
- Janae.

- Janae.
- [Kendra] Janae.
- I love you Janae.
- Oh, she's opening her eyes.
- Oh, hey.
- Can we put her in the bouncer?
- She's looking right at you.
- She has blue eyes.
- Hey, Janae, aw.
- Aw.
- Does she know you and Dad?
- [Kendra] She knows our voices.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- [Kendra] Oh, oh.
- [Jeremy] It's a little too bright maybe.
- [Isaac] She's breathing.
- [Jeremy] (gasps) Oh.
- [Kendra] She's like peeking at you guys.
- You guys just imagine her world.
Like she closes her eyes at the hospital,
and then she opens her
eyes and it was you people.

And she's like, who are those people?
- [Kendra] She's like what's going on.
She's never been in our house before.
- [Isaac] She's never
even been in our house.

- Op, pretend like I'm dead.
Oh, she's looking.
Hi, I'm Janae.
I can't control my arms.
- [Kendra] Don't touch Laura.
(upbeat music)
- So this little bassinete
changing table set-up

is what we use in our room
when they're brand new.

And we've used it with all of our kids.
So I'm actually wondering
if the mobile still works.

- [Jeremy] Let's see.
(warpy music)
I don't think so.
- That's okay, well there's
enough noise in our house.

Well just sing to her.
- [Jeremy] Hopefully she likes the swing.
- [Kendra] Yeah, hopefully.
(mellow music)
She's awake.
She was out for several
hours this afternoon,

but now she's awake.
- [Jeremy] Hopefully all night.
- Yeah, that would be a party.
- [Jeremy] How are you
feeling about being home?

- It's a little bit overwhelming.
- [Jeremy] You missing that hospital gown?
- It's nice to be home,
it's just also a lot to take in, so.
- [Jeremy] Janae, we love you.
- [Child] Good night, J House out.
- Alright I want to tell you guys about
what happened last night.
- And every single one of
these shoots out at me.

- And we have decided on a name.
People say that you can name your baby
based on looking at them.
- I love you.
I'm your big sister.



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