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  • My name is Jacque Fresco.

  • I'm Project Director of The Venus Project, in Venus, Florida.

  • Money was a convenience designed by man many years ago.

  • You used to carry a bag of apples and change it for tomatoes.

  • That was a trade in the old days.

  • But when you invented money you carried smaller particles.

  • And it was easier to represent apples or tomatoes, or eggs,

  • by giving a person a coin instead of bringing fifty eggs and chickens.

  • Money represented a value agreed upon by people

  • to diminish the lugging around of heavy objects.

  • Later, it became the most corrupting medium in the world.

  • It corrupted people. They paid each other off.

  • If you wanted a congressman to act in your behalf, you put up a certain amount of money

  • that help him to get elected, and you owe that person a favor.

  • And that's the same with the drug companies, the auto companies, the banks.

  • All systems all over the world that use money

  • are basically corrupt.

  • Earth 2.0 - Coming soon

My name is Jacque Fresco.


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お金についてのジャック・フレスコ - Earth 2.0 (Jacque Fresco on Money - Earth 2.0)

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