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  • You've got to know

  • when you take up this kind of thinking, you will be abused.

  • I told that to Roxanne. "You're more apt to be abused

  • upholding the values that I talk about. Do you want to get out?"

  • Anybody that comes to my sessions I tell them

  • "You will lose contact with this world. You will learn to dislike it.

  • You will be beaten by police if you march and protest the war."

  • And they will win

  • because they have control of the weapons, stinging equipment.

  • They control everything, the radio, and make you look like a bastard.

  • When you're released, your own people will beat you up

  • the un-appointed guardians I'm talking about

  • or the self-appointed guardians

  • or those that were persuaded to uphold this system.

  • Jesus says "Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven"

  • and that's the way we see the Resource-Based Economy or The Venus Project:

  • that you can create all your spiritual aspirations

  • but make it a reality.

  • That's what we're trying to do.

  • People say "Is there life after death?"

  • but we think for so many people, there isn't life during life

  • that they take on old values that have been handed down to them.

  • They take on old aspirations of their parents and their parents' parents

  • and live a life that has been lived hundreds of years ago.

  • They used to pull kids into the army. They'd take the children.

  • That would be all right if they paid for the baby's birth

  • and they fed the baby all the way up to he's 18

  • and said "Now you have to join the army"

  • but mothers and individuals pay for their kids.

  • They take them through illnesses and everything else

  • then the government takes them from them

  • and says "That's the price you pay for freedom."

  • That's bullshit. It's the price you pay to support the established system.

  • We can house people. We can clothe people.

  • We can have abundance all over the world

  • if we use our technology wisely and maintain the environment.

  • We don't have to chisel off of one another. When in a monetary system

  • somebody gets a toothache, they make a thousand bucks.

  • Somebody dents a car, they make another two thousand bucks.

  • We're vultures after one another. We don't really need to live that way

  • because today, with the advent of technology and where technology's going

  • it could be used to improve everyone's lifestyle

  • in a Resource-Based Economy.

  • I wish we did have a democracy. I wish it could exist

  • and maybe that's why I became better informed

  • because I was checking out to see if we had a democratic system.

  • I found out we didn't, OK?

You've got to know


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ヴィーナス・プロジェクト-価値観の変化、自称後見人、民主主義システム (The Venus Project - Changing Values, Self-Appointed Guardians, Democratic System)

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