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  • Point is...

  • you have to learn how to expect change

  • and how to step into the future without pain.

  • And how long will it take to build these cities?

  • I would say it would take about, approximately

  • TEN-YEARS to change the surface of the Earth

  • with multiple jigs and giant machines.

  • Not Bricklayers, or Plasterers.

  • High-tech systems in about Ten-Years.

  • There'd be Garden Cities all over the world.

  • but we'd have to level most of the old cities

  • and mine them for steel, glass

  • whatever we can get from them.

  • After we level the cities

  • we might keep a few cities as "Museum Cities".

  • to show people, what people used to live in.

  • And to show kids of the future

  • what the world used to be.

  • Just as the Pyramids would be preserved.

  • This is inside the New City.

  • This is just where people live.

  • Flowers and Gardens...

  • No slums.

  • No street people.

  • No hungry people.

  • Hi my name is Andrew Buxton

  • I'm the co-founder of TheVenusProjectDesign

  • with my partner Julita Wielgat

  • We started working for TVP Two-Years ago

  • to help them develope

  • the

  • physical models that Jacque has done throughout his life

  • with Roxanne

  • into 3D C.G.I. for use in future films and media.

  • We're also building up a global database of

  • Scientists, Technicians, Engineers, Architects, etc.

  • which we intend to use at a later date

  • if any countries, or if there is a global move

  • towards a Resourse Based Economy.

  • That would be in a position to be able to help

  • build teams globally,

  • to begin the design of the first cities.

  • In Ancient Rome, they had to use a lot of columns

  • to support a structure.

  • Now you can have a structure way-out

  • without any braces or anything.

  • But the old architect says,

  • "It looks bad, put some braces there!"

  • You don't need them anymore.

  • The old airplanes were braced all over the place.

  • Now the wings are tough enough

  • to hold themselves up.

  • but if you cling to the romantic concepts

  • of the German House,

  • and the Swedish House,

  • you know - with all the lines on it,

  • or English Architecture,

  • then you're dead.

  • You're living the life of a dead person...

  • that influenced you at school.

  • Let's now do architecture

  • that's relavent to the best of new materials.

Point is...


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ヴィーナス・プロジェクト 新都市の中へ|TVPD経由 (THE VENUS PROJECT - Inside the New Cities | via TVPD)

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