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Okay, I'm super excited. I'm waiting at Narita Airport. Both of my parents are coming
My father visited me a few years ago in Korea
My mom never visited me in Asia
For the past,
almost 10 years now
I'm thrilled to have them both coming
I'm gunna make them experience so many wonderful and weird things
They're so old and they're going to be so surprised
It's gunna be great
This is my Dad's first time meeting Meemers
Oh! Spudgy likes you!
Oh, yeah!
Simon's dad: He remembers me, he remembers me!
Introducing my parent's to
the fascinating things of Tokyo
Come up buddy
Simon's dad: Oh yeah yeah, beautiful~
This is Mopeu
Nice to meet you~
Simon: Mocha?
(Clarifying the name) Mopeu!
Hello Mop!
(I think Martina asked what kind of cat Mopeu is)
It's a Munchkin cat, ah!
Simon: Oh!
Somebody really wants some treats
Martina: You have no food in there
I have no food but they don't know that, do they
Simon: What do you think (about the food)?
It's (swears) unbelievable!
Simon: (Swears) Unbelievable!
And you wonder where I swear from
It's my Dad that taught me! (tn: omg cracking up, his dad)
It's like orgasm
Simon: (Taken back) Ok
Easy Dad
This is...
Simon's mom: Healing sensation!
Simon: I think he likes it
Simon's Dad: Oh my goodness
If it was possible, I would eat all of this for the rest of my days here!
Simon: Oh, good!
Hi Mom
I'm trying for the first time in my life,
it's something unusual but it's very delicious
Simon: Sushi, Go!
Martina: Wasabi!
Simon's Dad: Wasabi?
Simon: Wasabi
Simon: Oh, she feels it in her nose!
Oh my goodness!
Simon: So amazing!
Simon: Let's see if you can win this time!
1, 2, 3, 4, anddd 5!
Simon: Come on, here we go!
Simon: Let's see
The pool one!
Martina: Remember, it changes all the time (referring to the games for winning prizes)!
Simon: Oh, trick shots
Simon's Dad: Yeah!!
Simon: Gasp! You won!
I won!
(Talks back and forth)
My Mom and Dad won me a toy
So you he's putting mayonnaise on the sushi
Simon's Dad: Very nice!
You won me a sushi keychain
Thank you Mom and Dad
Martina: Thank you very much for your, yes...
Simon's mom: Handshake?
My biggest fear for my parents come here as I didn't think my Mom would like anything
Today we're trying Torikizoku
and I'm actually surprised that she's eating things here and she doesn't hate them!
Martina: I'm so proud of you
Simon: I'm so proud of you, Mom!
My Mom is trying the Mochi Mochi
And, I don't have an idea what it is
Simon: You can do it, Mom!
Simon: What do you think?
Simon: Good weird or bad weird?
All of it's good!
Simon: Oh good!!
My Dad has learned how to use chopsticks
Martina: Amazingly well
It's very tasty
Martina: Good, right?
Simon: Come on, Mom!
If I could eat with this speed, I could eat all of it (tn: I'm not sure if this is what she's saying)
Simon: GOOD! Very slow eating
Martina: It's just the bean!
Simon: It's healthy! Just bean
What about the outside?
Simon and Martina: It goes here (into a bowl)
Martina: Just the bean
Martina: There ya go
It's soft
Simon and Martina: It's very soft
Simon: Come on, Dad. You can do it
Martina: It's like with me and tomatoes, it's the same problem
Simon: Ah, almost!
Simon's Dad: Wait a second
Simon: You got it!
I don't like this, still don't like tofu (Simon repeats him)
Woah, it's tasty
Simon: Oh, good!
Very good. I like it
My Dad really likes his... spice. OK...
He's really, really going at it...
OK, Dad. I would relax first
Oh! It's good!
Very nice
My Mom is about to eat something that I hate
It's difficult to hate this. It's just interesting
Simon: Ok, it's not difficult for me
Today I'm going to give my loving father the experience of a lifetime
because he thinks he likes spicy food so
today I'm going to take them for level 10 Coco Curry
I gave him some ramen before
I took my Dad for ramen
He said he wanted spicy so I gave him four out of ten
and he's hurtin' and next I'm going to take him for Coco curry level 10
He says he can handle spice, but can barely handle this stuff
I'm gunna kill my dad (with the spice level)
It's gunna be great
Coco Curry!!
Right here!
He thinks he's ready,
he's gunna dieeee
You should be scared
Let's go Dad
We'll see
So, this is a style of Japanese curry
It's very different than the curry that you're used to in Canada
I think it's called Coco curry because the thing is that they put cocaine inside
Makes it very addictive okay, so it's very good
Martina is filming today, so she's only going to have a salad
Sacrifice for family
Simon: A salad... enjoy your salad
Meat curry with rice
Level 10 spice!
Waiter: Will you be alright?
It's okay!
Is there a level 11 spice?
No? Okay
So what I ordered today was a beef curry with 200 grams of rice with level 10 spice and a little pork cutlet on top
I usually add cheese or other things in there
but I don't want to dilute from the spice flavour
I want him to experience the pure curry flavour
that Coco Curry has to offer
I also got my mother a pork and vegetable one with 0 spice
cause my mother doesn't like spice
and Martina got a salad
When I ordered, the level 10 spice
he (the waiter) asked me: is it okay for level 10?
I said yes can you do level 11 spice and he said no
But I made sure that I emphasize how important the spice is.
I hope that he doesn't mess with me because when we used to order in English, then they would give it a weak spice
I ordered it in Japanese because I want real spice
You like spicy food
Of course, I like spicy food
We'll see
Dad, what kind of spice do you eat at home?
I like curry,
I like... I don't remember the name
Simon: Tandori?
Jerk seasoning
Okay, so he likes little baby spice
He doesn't like a real, real pure spice pain
but a little baby spice, it's okay
Ohhh~, my papa
to me you are so wonderful
Simon: Oh yeah, look at you
with your...
Is that a salad? and those vegetables?
Dig in, girl
Ahh~ Mmm~
This doesn't look as spicy as it normally is
I think that they might have gone easy on us
But we're going to try it out
Okay. Okay, you ready? Here we go
Mmm sounds good
Ou la la
Simon: Ah, its a good spice, yeah?
Not bad, not bad
I'll be honest this isn't a level 10 spice today
They probably gave us a level 6
This is not as spicy as they usually do
I ordered the spicy one, but they gave us the gentle baby one
But, it's a good burn?
Yeah I survived
I wanted to get revenge on my Dad
Geez... you promised me that I will cry
So disappointed
So disappointed
You disappointed me
Martina: Oh, Simon?
Martina: Ohhh my god
But you promised me so, so this... this...
You know why?
When we order for home delivery that's when they really give us the spicy stuff
Now, we think they saw 4 white people and didn't trust that we can handle the spice
I'm going order it at home, anonymously, where they don't know my race
And they'll give me the real deal
Actually, I think my dad is handling the spice
better than I am because I'm sweating and
he doesn't have any
Really? No
I've got sweaty eyebrows
You know I think I'm not actually sweating from the spice
I'm sweating from the disappointment,
from the anxiety
So we're both finished now
It's not as spicy as we'd expected, but how would you describe the flavour compared to curry?
This curry is absolutely different than the which I use in Canada
but it's something, for sure
Of course its hot but I expected more
I expected more too
We all expected more, the viewers expected more, the universe expected more
Sorry, I'm sorry I'm disappointed
I'm sorry Dad,
I'm sorryyyyy
I'm sorry that I disappointed you (tn: can this get any more Canadian loool)
I disappointed you, I just wanted you I could have done better
I will try harder next time, ugh, next time
Next time!
Let's go for ice cream
My mom and my dad. My mom and my dad are
in Japan. It's my mom and my dad
Gorgeous(?) He's amazing
Martina: He's a very good boy, isn't he?
Simon's Dad and Mom: Yeah! Absolutely
A very nice dog
And what about you, cat?
Yeah, you deserve deserve attention
Oh Meemers, look at you getting pet
Martina (in Meemer's voice): Brother, noooo~
Martina: He wants his tummy touched
Simon's mom: Absolutely
I didn't know what you asked


My Parents in Japan!

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