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  • What I love about your family is,

  • when your family gets together,

  • You all have cats which I love you all have cats.

  • We were raised as cat people, so...

  • You bring your cats...

  • [laughter]

  • So that's all the cats.

  • They don't all look happy.

  • I got to say, they are not...

  • Well, look at mine, notice mine.

  • They are the happiest.

  • And my brothers' are like,

  • about ready to bite someone's head off.

  • Right.

  • The big, huge ones are like bobcats.

  • Right.

  • And then the others, yeah, my mom is like,

  • looks like she's laughing,

  • but she's actually being scratched to death right there.

  • That's Max.

  • which is very...whatever you...

  • And that's Lux. They're twin black cats.

  • And I actually got them off the set of "Homefront".

  • My character is a drug dealer,

  • who torments Jason Statham and his daughter.

  • And I steal his daughter's cat.

  • It's horrible.

  • Horrible thing to do in the movie.

  • But in real life, I adopted the cats.

  • The cats from the film.

  • And one cat is the cat's double, yeah.

  • Look at that, yeah.

  • That's cute.

  • All right, so before we go, I got you something,

  • because I'm sure you can do this in your spare time.

  • But we saved you the hassle.

  • We got you a James Franco cat calendar.

  • -So it's really... -Oh, my god.

  • just kind of...

  • [cheers and applause]

  • Well, I was gonna take my shirt off.

  • I thought that's what happened here.

  • But I guess I don't have to now.

  • Well, you can. You can do it.

  • Yeah, there.

  • Well, that's what it'll...

  • That's what it'll look like, so I guess I don't have to.

  • Now you don't have to. All right.

  • Well, lovely seeing you again.

  • "Homefront" hits theaters November 27th.

  • We'll be right back. James Franco.

  • -I'm gonna keep this. -Yes, of course you are.

  • [cheers and applause]

What I love about your family is,


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ジェームズ・フランコと猫のカレンダー (James Franco and His Cat Calendar)

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