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  • Funny

  • Mark Angle Comedy

  • tah! my uncle has cassava on his farm

  • tah! we have that one...

  • my daddy has yan on his farm

  • tah! we have that one too...

  • my uncle has tomatoes on his farm

  • tah! we have that one too...

  • my mummy has pepper on her farm

  • tah! we have that one too...

  • ehhhmmm

  • my uncle has weed on his farm

  • weed????

  • yes there is weed on his farm

  • we don't have that one in our farm oh

  • you see, i told you we have plenty weed on our farm

  • my uncle use to carry it

  • little girl

  • did you say your uncle has weed on his farm?

  • yes

  • plenty weed on his farm

  • Does your uncle plant weed?

  • yes he use to plant it and cut it and put it inside bag

  • Can you take us to your uncle's farm?

  • I hope there is no problem

  • No there is no problem at all we are police officers

  • yes we are police officers

  • let me see your ID Card

  • ok

  • dont worry we just want to see the farm

  • we love weed

  • yes

  • we love weed

  • don't worry my uncle has plenty of weed on his farm

  • this is a weed case.

  • i repeat this is weed case

  • over

  • i need a team of NDLEA

  • i repeat

  • i need a team of Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency

  • we might need more men

  • stand by

  • i need Nigerian Army Navy and AirForce

  • polices reaches the place

  • why are you people doing like this? are you people acting war film?

  • where is your uncles house? this side

  • where is the weed????? Uncle infact come let me show you the weeed.


  • see weed here

  • where is the weed??

  • look at weed here

  • look at weed here

  • this is not weed

  • weeds are those plants that grow wheere they are not wanted

  • look at pawpaw tree

  • look at corn

  • then look at weed here

  • didn't you study Agricultural Science in School?

  • i thought you said you love weed

  • but i just wasted my time coming to show you people weed

  • i thought you people said you love weed

  • and am showing you weed... you say its not weed

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