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10. Eat Breakfast
Excellent, loose weight by eating more, brilliant!. Although it's more about timing food than
eating more of it. Skipping breakfast can make your body hang on to its fat stores and
make it harder to lose weight, so kickstart your metabolism by eating a proper breakfast.
9. Like an American Pro
Give up gluten. Some people have legitimate health reasons why they need to avoid gluten,
but for many others it is a simple way to feel better, less bloated and sometimes lose
weight too. Often it's just a great way to control your diet as it does take some
planning, but the anecdotal advantages of going without can't be ignored.
8. Like a French Pro
Keep your legs warm at all times - cold legs are fat legs.
This is clearly a load of rubbish, and might explain why so many french pros look a little
fat and ride quite slowly. Baguettes and Brie are not good performance food. In all seriousness
though, some people spend their lives trying to get ripped, but sometimes it just doesn't
happen. Never try to sweat it out to lose weight.
7. Like an Italian Pro
Eat pasta but never, ever drink coke.
Another old school technique passed down from Soigneur to Soigneur. There is no science
behind it and this kind of thinking is gradually leaving pro cycling. Along with avoiding tomatoes,
potatoes, shellfish, milk...
6. Like Thomas de Gendt:
When Thomas de Gendt came out all guns blazing in 2011, leaner, meaner and faster than ever
before he put it down to two simple things - hard work - and no sausages. If only it
was always that simple. Or maybe it is? Cutting out one or two things could make all
the difference to whether you lose weight or not, whether it's biscuits, donuts, chocolate,
beer, whatever. And remember, it's never essential to cut something out altogether,
just limiting quantities could be enough.
5. Like Alberto Contador:
Like most Grand Tour winners since Jan Ullrich, Alberto looks like a skeleton, so what's
the secret? Can we mention steak? And clenbuterol? Don't go down this route, it's a terrible
path. Taking anything to lose weight isn't healthy, and you could end up losing performance
rather than fat.
4. Go hard at the end of your rides
Recent research has shown that finishing a training session with some high intensity
work is a great way to lose weight. The theory goes that this increases Post Exercise Oxygen
Consumption which triggers fat burning.
3. Exercise your willpower. Sometimes it comes down to this. Sometimes you just have to say
no. No to the second cake. No to the fifth beer. No to the block of cheese. It can be
that simple.
2. Eat more on the bike and less off it.
Fueling less on the bike can mean that you need to pig out when you get home, or worse
still slows your metabolism. Eating more on the bike means you won't blow, and won't
be quite so hungry when you get home, and so be less tempted to eat the contents of
the fridge.
1. Eat healthily. The old ones are always the best. You want
to loose weight? Eat a bit more healthily, eat loads of vegetables, eat lean meat, eat
complex carbs, eat simple fats. It's not fashionable to diet like this but nothing
will make you feel as good or help you lose weight quite like eating healthily.
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For more of this kind of thing, go to www.youtube.com/gcn


自転車に乗ってダイエットする10の方法 ( Top 10 Ways To Lose Weight On Your Bike )

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