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  • Nate is a head cook at a fancy restaurant.

  • He began his career as a line cook and decided to attend culinary arts school.

  • After many years of hard work and education, he was given the opportunity to lead his own team.

  • As a head cook, Nate ensures the freshness of ingredients and cleanliness and functionality of supplies,

  • coordinates the activities of his team of cooks,

  • and plans menus and develops recipes.

  • If you have good customer service skills,

  • dexterity,

  • physical stamina,

  • a good sense of taste and smell,

  • and the ability to work on a team,

  • a culinary career may be right for you.

Nate is a head cook at a fancy restaurant.


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B1 中級

ホスピタリティ・観光・レクリエーション業界で働く (Working in the Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation Industry)

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