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Welcome back!
to Prague.
It's raining here in Prague!
Look at these tourists, hiding under an umbrella.
A: I've never seen a real gargoyle spout water.
A: That one's spouting like crazy! W: Yeh, that one's spouting like crazy...
And this is why, they're called gargoyles.
On our second day in Prague,
we decided to visit the castle.
it was a rainy day,
when you're on holidays,
you need to make the most of it. No matter if it's rain, hail or shine.
And you know what?
It probably worked out for the better
cause there were less crowds.
This is the St Vitus Cathedral,
the largest and most important church in the Czech Republic.
Look how beautiful it is.
This church houses the tombs
of many Bohemian kings
and Holy Roman emperors.
Rapunzel, Rapunzel
let down your hair...
Prague castle is the largest castle in the world
that is stil functioning.
You can spend a good day here, just wandering the grounds
and entering some of the churches and buildings.
You can get some amazing views from the castle
of Prague.
And you can really see, why this city
is called the "City of a Thousand spires".
If you like Absinth, you must visit this place.
Look how huge their list is.
One of them is the "King of Spirits" and one of them is the "Beetle..."
This one's the Beetle one.
So, they look the same in terms of clarity and finish,
but when you smell them, they would smell different.
This absinth cocktail, was so delicious.
Can you see the beetle inside that absinth?
These are cauliflower pancakes
and then these are cheese dumplings.
These are some grilled sausages.
Beef in cream sauce.
Potato soup.
and some roasted veggies.
A: All done in a modern way though W: All done in a modern way
W: But all traditional Czech A: Yep, traditional meals
Things that have been here for a really long time
but done in a nice modern setting.
K: Almost like fine dining Czech-style.
And this was not expensive at all.
And we got beers!
You have to come to this place, it's so good!
We also ordered some ribs!
We are now walking along the Charles Bridge.
Which was built by Charles IV
who just named the bridge after himself. A: YEP!
Pretty much everything he did, he named after himself.
and then along the bridge you see all these decent sized figures.
Not sure if all of them are saints,
but then they do give blessings.
The local people do believe that if you touch them
or rub their plaque,
then you get blessings
and you will some day return to Prague.
St John was the one that's the most famous one,
he has a golden plaque that people like to rub.
A: So, you can see where everyone rubs them because it's like shiny still.
It's not really weathered at all
cos it gets a daily clean, I guess.
And I'm not too sure what the story behind most of these figures are...
but St John in particular,
what I read,
and if I remember correctly,
he was either a priest or a pastor
of a church
and then the king had actually asked him
to reveal to him the confessions that his wife, the queen, had made
to the pastor.
But then the pastor refused to spill all the secrets
and so the king got really angry
and was like...
"you're not gonna listen to me, so I'm gonna chuck you off the bridge!"
So he took him onto the Charles bridge
and threw him off
into the river.
And at that moment, as he fell into the river,
the clouds spread apart,
heavens opened up,
angels appeared
and then the stars appeared in the sky
and all the towns people were like
"Oh, he must be a saint, he's special!"
The palace, when you look at it, if you didn't know what you were looking at, you might think it's that tall building
at the top...
W: That's actually just the cathedral A: That is just the cathedral.
So the palace is everything on the hill!
It's the largest
castle in Europe
that is still functioning.
So the president lives within the palace grounds
and there is a flagpole there somewhere.
If the flag is actually up,
it means the president is home.
And if the flag isn't up
it means he is currently out abroad/overseas.
Supposedly, the locals find their president quite amusing,
and they always hope for him to be at home
because when he's not around, he's probably embarassing himself overseas.
We had so much fun in Prague,
that we decided that we would be back in Prague some day.
Next stop: Cesky Krumlov
Thanks for watching guys,
don't forget to like and subscribe
and for more travel inspiration
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See you in the next video!


EUROPE TRAVEL VLOG #15: Prague Part 2/2 - Exploring Prague Castle

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