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  • Hello,ladies and gentlmen

  • Sober is here for another episode of minecraft theory

  • If you miss the last episode of minecraft theory, don't forget to check it out by clicking here

  • Today we will talk about soul sand

  • So here we go!

  • Take a look at this image

  • This is the texture of the soul sand

  • I believe most of your eyes are attracted by these little holes on the texture,right?

  • We just can't avoid to imagine that these holes are the silhouette of three faces

  • That makes sense because of the theory of first episode

  • Lots of people died because of a massive disaster

  • Then these faces are the faces of those unfortunate people.

  • Is that it?

  • Of course not

  • Other than Wither skeleton skull, soul sand is an important element of building a Wither as well

  • Wither skeleton and Wither are undead mobs

  • And soul sand contains of dead people

  • Don’t you think that is weird that everything I have mentioned is related to death?

  • Another thing to mention is nether wart

  • It can only grow on soul sand. No light,water and bone meal required

  • And we can use it to produce potion to make you more energetic or wither you

  • It’s about life and death again!

  • Last but not least, killing a wither can give you a nether star

  • Nether star is the core of the beacon

  • It gives you the ability to move faster, heal faster, break faster, jump higher, hit harder, etc

  • No death this time but still able to make you more energetic

  • It seems like soul sand can achieve quite a lot of things about life and death

  • But what exactly is soul sand

  • Wait a second, the name could mean something

  • Soul sand

  • Is that means soul sand really contains of soul?

  • If that is true, then everything can be explained easily

  • These souls that stored inside the soul sand give life to the wither

  • That can even explain why wither have to sort of charge up

  • because the soul need time to activate the power with wither skeleton skull

  • And the power of the souls also make nether star and nether wart

  • have ability to hurt or heal people

  • But of course, there are quite a lot of problem with this theory like before

  • Such as ,why can wither generate some explosive stuff?

  • How about the slow effect when you walk on the soul sand?

  • just a warm reminder about the last epsiode

  • Desert temple is most likely related to creeper because of the chiseled sandstone

  • Next, one of the developer of minecraft said a new type of temple will be out very soon(I should say maybe)

  • And it is related to wither because of this chiseled red sandstone

  • This temple may be the key to unlock the mistery between the second and this episode

  • Be the way,look back at the theory I have shared with you guys

  • I am so surprised that these three episodes of minecraft theory are starting to link together

  • And it seems like it is forming a complete theory

  • Anyway let’s look forward the day that we finally work it out

  • Okay, this is the end of this episode of minecraft theory

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  • Oh be the way, check out my first animation in here

  • And I will see you next time

Hello,ladies and gentlmen


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