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*group hug*
It's time!
To answer questions
we've never answered before
in the style of Zoella
who made this video one time
Rosie: two... several times Rose: several times
Nothing is original in the internet
I am not a copycat creator
I was simply inspired
*Rosie laughs*
What you're laughing at... Chuckle Brothers?
*They laugh*
Rosie: Talk to me about this thing.
Rose: Leave it alone
Rosie: What is it?
Rose: It's my Shannon Beveridge curl
I like it
Rosie: I like it too Rose: I like it
Rose: If you could stop touching it that'd be...
How dare you?
Let me tell you how this is gonna go down.
I am going to ask you a question that we have.. Rosie: me?
Rosie: You're going to ask me?
Rose: If you'd let me finish!
That we've never answered publicly before
Rosie: ok
Rose: If you decide to answer the question truthfuly
you win 10£.
If you decide to avoid the question
you sacrifice 10£
Rosie: ok
Rose: The question you're probably all thinking is
what if she didn't have 10£ to start with?
to sacrifice?
That means you're in the red
and it's minus figures
is that right? Is that life maths?
Rosie: I thought in the red was good and in the black was bad
but maybe it's the other way around.
Rose: I don't understand adult. Rosie: I don't.
Rose: I would just like to clarify that this video is sponsored by Best Fiends
'cause I figured that if I was gonna answer things
that I've never answered before
I may as well get paid for it.
*Rosie approves* *Rose laughs evilly*
*Rose sniffs loudly*
Ever had a phlegmy phlegm rattle
that you had to get rid of in a video
and you just like kept it in? *Rosie laughs*
Onto the mandatory talking point.
Rosie: If you didn't know
Best Fiends is free aventure puzzle game
where you collect and build your team of Fiends
to defeat the slugs by matching same colored objects
Rose: mm... MMM
Rose: The slugs are going to Boot Camp
and you can too!
And starting today you can watch the slugs train in the in-app world premiere
of the gorgeous animated short Boot camp
Military Voice: And we expect you to carry on that fine tradition!
Rosie: And then play the in-game Boot Camp event
where you can win massive rewards!
Download the game for free using the link below
Rose: and if you download now
you'll get 5$ worth of gold and diamonds
for free!
Ok, here we go!
Are you ready for the first question?
Rosie: yeah!
Rose: You can either choose to accept
or sacrifice 10£
Rosie: ok!
Rose: Has any other Youtuber
Rosie: Mmm?
Rose: seen you completely naked?
Rosie: Yeah!
Rose: If so, who and when and in what situation?
Rosie: Huum..
Ok, Shannon Beveridge saw me naked the last time she came around.
Rose: She didn't really have a choice in her defense, Rosie! *Laughs*
Rosie: Like, she didn't look away
*Rose Laughs*
Rose: Actually, she did that cute Shannon thing,
not that I think she's cute or anything like that,
*Shannon impression*: Oh god, huh, yeah, yeah, yeah...
*Takes a picture of Rosie naked*
*They laugh*
Rosie: Love it.
Rose: So will you tell a bit the back story?
Rosie: Humm
Rose: Basically, I'll take it.
So, Rosie and I have a tradition
where we give Shannon ..hum.. a polaroid of a naked Rosie Spaughton.
Huum, the tradition stemmed from when we were at our house one time
and we decided we'll leave a few around in various places
because we thought that was funny.
Now, Shannon had just won Celebrity Rising Star,
the British LGBT Awards,
and we thought that was the perfect opportunity
to give to her a polaroid
Rosie: yes, yeah, to celebrate the award
Rose: So, without warning, the other day we were in the living room
and Shannon was like "oh guys I don't have, like, a naked picture of Rosie anymore"
and Rosie literally went *woosh clothes off*
*Rose Laugh* and literally she was sat in the bean bag chair
one second you were clothed the next minute you were not.
Rosie: You threw my clothes outside!
Rose: Oh yeah, I did!! *laughs*
Rosie: You threw my clothes outside.
So I was just naked
Rose: That was so cruel and funny.
Shannon and I thought it was really funny
like she saw everyth... Anyway!
Ok, I'm ready for my question!
Congratulation Rosie, that was 10£ your way
Rosie: Thank you!
I had a migraine the other day
Rose: Yes.
Rosie: How did you get rid of it?
*awkward silence*
Rose: Have you ever disliked a video
created from any other lesbian Youtuber?
Rosie: Do you know what? No! But that's only because
that's only because
I thought everyone could see what you dislike
Rose: So otherwise... Rosie: So I've never disliked
Rose: So, otherwise you would have actively disliked Rosie: yeah
another video created by a lesbian Youtuber?
Rosie: Yeah!
Rosie: Are there any Youtubers you don't like?
Rose: Yeah...
Maybe I'll never name names because I'm too classy a girl
Rosie: You are too classy.
You mean, they don't care at all about their audience?
Rose: I don't feel like there is enough care for their audience.
put it that way
but yeah.
Rosie: Not enough for your standards.
Rose: Not, no
I kissed my audience on tour!
alright? I'm very much there for my kids!
Rosie: That's true, that's true
Rose: That was weird.
Do you read chat forums about yourself?
Rosie: hum, do you know what? I haven't in really long time
I haven't at all this year.
I haven't a lot of last year
No, I don't, no.
I used to
Rose: So, what ? Eight months clean?
Rosie: Longer than that.
Rose: Congratulations Rosie
Rosie: I just don't, I never read them
I don't go looking for it.
Rose: So you don't read any forum chat
forum chat
about yourself
Rosie: I don't read any chat about myself
Rose: Same
That means there's zero power in those words
but we still wouldn't know
cause we don't read it
Rosie: you don't read it either, do you?
Rose: No, I don't care!
Rosie: Were you jealous when I kissed other people on tour?
Rose: No.
a little bit with the guy
Rosie: Whyy?
Rose: His name is Mark but I pretend like I don't know his name. *Rosie Laughs*
Rose: Hum, I've already talked about this
I swear
Have I talked about this?
Rosie: No!
Rose: Oh, on YouNow I might have talked about it.
Yeah, I was jealous
I was jealous alright?
Rose: I was jealous Rosie: Why?
Rose: Cause I don't like seeing you with a man
it hurts me more
believe it or not.
If you were kissing Shannon
I would be like love it.
Kind of.
Backward jealousy cause I want to kiss Shannon.
But if you were kissing like...
No, don't want to talk about it so...
Are you and ElloSteph cool?
*Rosie laughs*
Rosie: Huuuuuuuuuuum
Rose: I think you are!
Rosie: I think we are
because I said like one word to her
at Playlist
Rose: Yeah, she came and said hi!
Rosie: I just got it in there.
Rose: That was really nice of her.
Rosie: I know.
Rose: Second part of this question
Are you and Arielle cool?
Rosie: Yeah!
ya we are.
Rosie: Rose?
Rose: Yes?
Rosie: If you could make more money solo
would you kick me of your channel?
Rose: Are we still married?
Rosie: Yes
Rose: But I'm making more money?
Rosie: Yeah, but as we're married what's mine is yours
so I still get half.
Rose: So you don't have to be in the videos but we get more money?
Rosie: Mmm.
Rose: No! Rosie: But I still get half
Rose: Honestly absolutely not.
Because we're not in it for the money.
download Best Fiends
Huuum because
I don't feel like money is everything.
It's a free addictive puzzle game.
So I feel like having you in my videos
having that banter
that's kind of priceless.
We've been paid a lot of money to mention Best Fiends.
Rosie: Mmm
Rose: Do you know what I mean?
Rosie: Yeah!
Rose: That's how I feel truly in my heart.
Rosie: Yeah!
Rose: Do you have a private Twitter Account?
*Rosie laughs*
Rosie: Nooo...
*Keeps laughing*
Rosie: Noooo...
Rosie: Yes...
Rose: I, one hundred percent, have a private Twitter Account.
and on that private Twitter account
nothing happens
because I have no private drama to discuss!!
Rosie: I want to make a private Instagram
Rose: So do I!
Rosie: for like nudes
Rosie: Who was the last woman you texted other than me?
Rose: Shannon.
I've got a text read with you and Shannon
then I've got just me and Shannon.
The important one!
Rosie: Why haven't you just got just you and Shannon?
Rose: Because she didn't have your number before
I don't why she didn't consider you a friend before
but she didn't have your number before she came to England.
Which was really strange
The last girl I texted was Shannon
and I said
Thank you Shannon for taking the picture
that's technically the most successful Instagram post
I've ever uploaded.
Thanks for your amazing composition with photography
oh, what's that? You're not even a real model?
Huhu ok!
Rose: Have you ever put something online and whished that you hadn't?
Rosie: Yeah!
Rose: Is it your channel?
Rosie: Noo!
I had to delete some Tweets
I would say what they were
but this is a spon'ed video
Rose: Is it?!
Rose: What really happened with Taylor Swift
and your wedding video?
Rosie: Oh ok!
Our wedding video got like muted
and it's been taken down again by the way.
Someone showed us again
Rose: By a rager!
Rosie: ya, and then we read *laughs*
and then we read this like article
that have been written saying
Taylor Swift was suing us for copyright
and we're like oh that makes total sense
cause we dance to one of her songs
in our wedding video
the whole song
so we're like oh that makes sense
Rose: Yeah.
Rosie: And also Taylor has been known to take people's videos down
and parody videos down
so we're like ok she's removed our video
Rose: In our defense, a lot of big media outlets
try to talked to us about this
and we said absolutely not
because, first of all, we didn't want to draw attention to this.
Second of all we weren't hundred sure what happened.
Rosie: Yeah, it was trending on Tumblr
all we wanted was our wedding video back.
We... And we, we said something like
Look, it's probably not Taylor Swift's fault,
probably just like her management or something has just done it.
Like I'm sure she doesn't even know about it.
Rose: I guess the whole world jumped to conclusion
and thought Taylor Swift was the problem.
Rosie: So basically, Rose didn't look at her back end and she went and look to the...
Rose: Of Youtube!
Rosie: Can you let tell the story?
And then Rose went on the backend of her Youtube video
and was like oh it's will.I.am of the Black Eyed Peas!
for like three seconds of this 2008 song
that was like so old.
Rose: And this is after all these articles that had been written
things that like trending on Tumblr
"Ooh Taylor Swift is horrible, she doesn't like Love"
"you know she's all like No You can't use my music
for your beautiful and perfect wedding".
It wasn't her at all
Rosie: And I had such a panic attack
cause I thought I'd upset Taylor Swift, right?
I...I...I literally...I threw up three times
I literally saw stars in front of my eyes.
I threw up, I had to go to the toilet.
We rang our management and I was crying
and I was like Taylor Swift hates me!
I ruined it with her!
Rose: Also, Taylors Swift's management e-mailed our mangement
and said I can hundred percent confirmed this has nothing to do with us.
Rosie: Yeah!
Rose: And we were like...
Rosie: But they were really nice!
How nice was Taylor Swift's management . Rose: They were so nice
Rosie: They were like It's not us but maybe check your back...
Oh, I think that's why you checked your backend
cause they were like maybe try to have a look
and see, it could be another...
and f**k I think they were like it might have been someone else.
and they looked into it!
So, I would like to formally apologize to Taylor Swift
Rose: We didn't say it!
Everyone did, it wasn't us
and plus we love you!
Rosie: We do love you!
and that's why we danced to your song at our wedding!
Rose: And we'd do it again... Rosie: We would Rose: ...if it's not muted, thanks Taylor.
Rosie: Out of all lesbian Youtubers which one do you think is the funniest/make the funniest content?
Rose: The funniest content?
I think Ally Hills makes great funny content.
I think Shannon is making really funny content.
Amy Ordman is making funny content.
I'm a huge fan of the Amy Ordman tiny car viral video.
Rosie: Yes! I'm a huge of those.
Rose: I love...I think that I cried at the fact
that they just sat in a tiny car
Rosie: Yeah!
Rose: And that for me is enough!
Rosie: Yeah!
Rose: like they don't have to say anything!
that's hilarious to me.
Rosie: Yeah, I agree
Shannon reacting to her old pictures also
Rosie: No, you can only pick one.
Are we going with tiny car...
Rose: I'm going with Amy Ordman and her tiny car!
Have you ever looked at socialblade and cried?
Rosie: No!
Rose: Really?
Rosie: Yeah, no
Rose: Not even if you were to lose 5 thousand a day on upload?
That's like your entire channel, isn't it?
Rosie: Hum.
I think I'd be very upset if I lost that
Rose: Really?
Rosie: Yeah.
Rose: Really?
Rose: I'd be upset if I, I'd be upset if I did something
that offended enough people to unsub like that
Rose: But wouldn't it be even more upsetting if you were just being you?
happy-go-lucky you?
Rosie: Yeah, but then I don't think I'd cry about that.
I think it's not meant to be.
I think that if people don't want to watch anymore
then I don't want to do it anymore. Like I wouldn't...
Rose: That's a really good attitude to have.
Rosie: No, Yeah, honestly!
It'd be slightly upsetting.
Rose: Yeah, I'd be upset!
Ya, I'd cry
I would share thousand tears
Rosie: It's not nice like seeing your popularity like diminished.
Rose: Well it's easier for you cause you were never as popular.
But, like, I can understand why it would still be a bit of a hard hit.
Rosie: I don't... I tend not to look at socialblade Rose: Look, listen to me, listen to me.
Rose: When Shannon isn't here in the physical
I've got no one to bully, ok? Apart from you!
and it's obviously my own insecurities
it's the same with every bully
they're insecure and upset with themselves.
Not for me!
I just take a distinct pleasure in it.
Sorry not today.
Alright guy that's it from us,
we've anwered the questions you never thought we'd answered!
apart a few of them because they were too controversial.
Anyway, make sure you download Best Fiends for free in the description box below
and we will see you very soon indeed.



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