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Happy New Year!
Last video I asked you to tell me your favorite Yo Mamma is ugly joke. So let's take your
comments from below and make a CRAP (comment raps and parodies, or course) to Jason Derulo's
Get Ugly.
Oh my oh my, that your mom? Gentlemen pay her to put clothes on
When she tries to take a selfie phone shuts off,
(like off, off off)
Your Grandma left your mom in the park one day
Then grandma got arrested for littering Momma so ugly creepers run away like run run
Your dad takes your mom to work so he don't have to kiss goodbye
When she stepped into the ocean she made all of the fish die
Adele sang to your mom Goodbye from the other side
She would get electric chair if being ugly was a crime
She Ugly
Yo mamma so ugly even slender man made a face Yo mamma so ugly she threw a boomerang and
it refused to come back Even bullets refuse to kill her.
Justin bieber wrote a song for her parents (I’m sorry).
She makes her pillow cry at night She even makes the blind kids cry
Forever alone guy clicked deny on her friend request
Fix it Felix said I can't fix that her comment never got featured in CRAP
Scorpion saw her in Mortal Kombat and said "Stay over there"
She didn't need a costume when she tried out for Star Wars
Cowboy put a saddle on her thinking she was a horse
Took a selfie, Instagram instantly marked it censored
At an ugly contest judges said we don't accept experts
She ugly
Yo momma so ugly when she was born her momma said “What a Treasure” and her daddy said
“yes, let’s burry it”.
Yo momma so ugly when Santa saw her he said “Ho Ho Holy Sh….” and then he said “What
are those!”
My next challenge for you is, What is something an arrogant person would say? For example,
"I'm so cool, ice cubes are jealous of me." Or, "My poop don't stink."
I'm looking forward to your comments down below and we will turn them into a CRAP this
coming Thursday. So be sure to hit that subscribe button so you don't miss that video. And of
course please give this video a thumbs up, that lets me know that you liked it. And if
you missed the last CRAP we made together go ahead and click right here. It'll take
you right to it. Whoo eee!
I really want to wish you all a Happy New Year and thank you so much for all of your
support and all of your comments and all of your thumbs up. I really appreciate it. 2015
was a really awesome year for me thanks to you guys. And 2016 is gonna be even better.
I got a lot of cool things in store and I can't wait for you to join me on the ride
so I will see you this coming Thursday!


‪Jason Derulo - "Get Ugly"‬ PARODY (歌詞/lyrics)

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