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This is where we live.
All 7.5 Billion of us.
But most of the people that live here, you will never get to meet.
Even if you wanted to, you couldn't.
That is because we humans have an average life span of 28,000 days.
To get to know everyone, you would have to meet 270,000 new people,
every single day, of your entire life.
I guess what I am trying to say, is that although you will never meet all the different people
that inhabit this planet; they are here, just like you,
divided by lines that we humans drew.
They have the same amount of time here as you do,
They have the same heart pumping blood as you do,
And they have the same rights to live their one life, as you do.
Although, many people will have you believe differently.
This last year, has been a year of divisions, Where the fate of our lives were bound by
Putting people into boxes with only one you can choose,
Where no matter who wins, someone will lose.
We’ve been split down the middle, too close to call,
we need to come together, we’ve no need to build a wall.
We get told things are terrible, that things should be great,
But things would be better if we stopped breeding hate.
We are equals, we are all made the same, Nobody comes second to power or fame.
We need to be governed, so we have to play along,
But those who think they’re always right, Well that is where they’re wrong.
If you need to change the lives of happy people, for you to be happy,
then maybe it’s your life that needs to change.
Because good people are not the minority; and hope is more powerful than fear.
I believe that everyone wants to be happy.
That we are all optimistic, compassionate, and loving by nature.
It’s what makes us human.
To be able to make rational choices.
To be able to be confronted with something that we don’t like,
and have the ability to choose whether to be fearful, or hopeful.
Every person is 1 of 7.5 Billion who happen to be alive right now.
Every stranger is 1 of 270,000; you will never know each day.
And every day is 1 of 28,000 you will never see again.
So no matter how terrible 2016 was, or how scary 2017 might seem,
open your mind, accept other people, and know that the only different people on
this planet will be those in 100 years time, when this world will be home to entirely different
Life goes on.
Don't waste it being angry.
Let’s make the most of the miracle, that is being here, right now, together.


Life Goes On

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Precious Annie Liao 2017 年 7 月 20 日 に公開
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