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It's one year since Theresa May became prime minister.
In her very first speech, she made clear that she wants to be about more than just Brexit.
She wanted concrete domestic achievements, like those of her predecessors.
Tony Blair in his first year introduced the minimum wage
and gave independence to the Bank of England.
Gordon Brown nationalized Northern Rock, and David Cameron laid the basis for free schools.
These are the kind of things you could put in their biography.
What about Mrs. May?
What has she achieved in her first year?
[Flagship Policies]
Well, she's announced the third runway at Heathrow,
although David Cameron probably would have done that.
She's continued with High-Speed Rail 2,
with new Trident submarines, and with a higher minimum wage,
although David Cameron probably would've done those things as well.
Her defining policy was meant to be an end to the ban on new grammar schools,
but that was actually binned after the disappointing June election.
So, Mrs. May has announced an extra 2 billion pounds a year of spending on research and development.
That's a 20% increase by 2020.
And, more controversially, she's funneled 1 billion pounds to one of the poorest parts of the UK,
Northern Ireland, as part of her deal with the Democratic Unionist Party.
Is that it?
[Other Plans]
Well, not quite.
She's done a few other things.
She has suggested that Channel 4, the broadcaster, will move to Bermingham
as part of an effort to decentralize the UK economy away from London.
And she said that toxic microbeads, found in toiletries, will be banned from later this year.
But those are hardly defining moves.
So what about Brexit?
[Brexit talks]
Mrs. May triggered article 50 in March.
That really is a defining move that another conservative prime minister
might not have done so quickly.
Vote Leave has suggested Britain should wait before triggering the two-year countdown.
Mrs. May has also said that the Britain will leave the European Customs Union and Single Market.
If those things happen, they will be her legacy.
But she wanted to be about so much more than Brexit,
and her first year hasn't give her much of a platform.



How May measures up one year on

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