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  • Hello I'm CHCN

  • Today I'll build a 5 lamps slot machine

  • 5 lamps slot machine in Taiwan's SMP servers is quite common

  • It is played is very simple, is put into the tokens play lottery

  • The token of this machine is emerald

  • You can use their own needs with different items as a token

  • As long as it can be stacked (items) can be used as tokens

  • It will first draw the first light

  • If the first light draws the prize, take the second light again

  • If the second light draws the prize, take the third light again...and so on

  • If that is not drawn, then it stopped at the lights

  • We look at the background of the machine

  • This is the main part of the slot machine

  • This is used to set the probability

  • and set prizes

  • Below, after the Emerald is put into, it will go through a sorting machine first

  • It filters out items that are not emeralds and collects them into the chest

  • The emerald flows to a dropper...

  • Make an red stone circuit

  • To calculate how many pieces of emerald you put in

  • And then send the signal to the above part of the slot machine

  • then...

  • Let's build it

  • This is a two-story building

  • Need these materials at least

  • the above does not contain decorative block

  • I will add some more block when I build it

  • In the survival mode under the cover

  • there will be more foothold

  • This is 5 lamp slot machine

  • If you want to build 7 lamps or 10 lamps ...

  • On this side has been going on

  • Then in front of the water, may also be elongated a little

  • These note blocks, if you do not need the sound, you can use the other blocks to replace it

  • It is recommended to use the whole block on the hopper...

  • To cover it

  • This will not be because of accidentally throwing things

  • Resulting in a change in the probability of setting

  • Red stone lamp in front of the dropper

  • Be sure to cover the other block next to it

  • When the dropper is thrown items into the red stone lamp position

  • It (item) will be pushed out because of the squeeze

  • We hope that the position of the player ...

  • Players put the token in the position, but also can see five lights

  • So I will put the hopper in this position

  • Then build the sorting machine

  • It should be noted

  • This hopper...

  • The hopper is next to the comparator

  • It should point to any one of the southeast, but do not point to the bottom

  • That chest is used to collect emeralds

  • This circuit ...

  • The two repeaters must be set to the maximum number of segments

  • Avoid the dropper too fast

  • If too fast, then some emerald will be ...

  • will not count into the above slot machine area

  • Then it can pull a line to the upstairs slot area

  • The front of the decoration on the need to play your creativity

  • I built the basic first

  • This space is left to the ender chest

  • ~

  • Player can ...

  • can put prizes or take token

  • Also, here must use stone pressure plate

  • Because if you use a wooden pressure plate or ...

  • weighted pressure plate

  • The item flows to this position and will start it directly

  • Building the iron door on the side of the wall

  • It can be opened at the beginning

  • And then step on the pressure plate, it is locked up

  • Then leave a gap here, you can go out

  • The slot machine is finished

  • This set of first to do here, the probability of setting the part I left to the next set and then explain

  • If you have any questions, please leave a message below!

  • The save of the world, I will stay in the link below after some time

  • See you next time

  • --end--

Hello I'm CHCN


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