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- Hi, hi, hi.
I'm so giddy!
Today's subject is one that I adore,
I believe in, I stand by,
and I strive to perfect.
I love my toiletries.
Yes, traveling with liquids could be an issue,
but not if you know the rules.
All you have to know is that each individual bottle
can only hold up to
3.4 ounces.
And all of those containers
have to fit in one quart-sized bag.
Now, the key to the perfect toiletry bag
is not the bag,
it's the containers in the bag.
These are my all-time favorites.
They are by a company called Human Gear,
I have the subscriptions below to every container.
And the reason I like them is because they have a wide mouth
and that makes it easy to pour in liquids.
Avoid funneling at all costs.
What is this?
So, back to the one I like.
It has squeezable material
so you can get the last drop of product out.
And, if everything fails,
the wide mouth allows you to do
the nice good old finger technique.
The reason you want to avoid hard materials
is because you can't really get the last bit out
and then you find yourself just pushing the bottle
to try to get everything out.
Another thing you want to avoid is the corners,
I recently found these.
They have pretty good attributes,
they are malleable, they have a good wide mouth,
but they have corners.
So I'm sticking to my good old round go-to.
These I use for shampoo, conditioner,
face soap, and body lotion.
If you want to add an extra layer of protection,
which I always do,
here's what you use.
Masking tape.
Simply grab a piece, put it around your bottle,
and voila.
Spill-proof and today they have so many pretty colors.
For liquidy liquids, I like spray bottles.
They are small, they economize the amount you use,
and they are completely spill-proof.
These I use for my toner,
my make-up remover, and my leave-in conditioner.
On to jars.
These I use for creamier products.
Things like face cream, eye cream,
even toothpaste.
These are pretty cool.
You simply pop them open.
I haven't had any spills,
but I wouldn't put any liquidy liquids in them.
These vials are for Q-tips.
I need me my Q-tips.
And now, cotton pads.
I'm still on the hunt for the perfect container
for cotton pads,
so if you find one, you tell me.
And finally, we have the miscellaneous.
And that all goes in a see-through pouch.
Simple, washable, easy to carry.
All of that goes into my carry-on,
I've never had a problem with security,
this is the same kit I take whether I'm going to Paris
or I'm going surfing, I always use the same products.
Powdered shampoo, no thank you very much.
Well, I hope you enjoyed it,
and if you like these videos,
don't forget to subscribe above,
like this video, comment below.
I'm listening.
What do you want me to talk about?
See you next time.
Hey, don't leave yet.
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【旅行必見】液体をパッキングする方法って?(Travel Tips: How to pack your Toiletries)

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