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  • I've been called ugly my whole fucking life.

  • And before my name was Ugly God, my name was actually Pussy Bacon, bruh.

  • I was young.

  • Like 8th, 9th grade.

  • Then my people found out and they made me change that shit.

  • I'm real ugly.

  • Then I started rapping and just kept my handle.

  • You know, people talk about how they got the juice, they got

  • the sauce?

  • Ugly God got the water.

  • It's like, I see yo bitch, I walk past her, and even though she with you, she over there

  • choosing and looking at me and when she look at me, I just got that bitch hypnotized.

  • I splash that bitch with the water.

  • Nigga...

  • 21 Savage is the GOAT, bruh.

  • But I'm the GOAT too, you feel me?

  • We GOATS, bruh.

  • I had some oldheads say, "My daughter's 12!"

  • Man, you know what the fuck I'm talking about.

  • I ain't talking about your 12 year-old fucking daughter, man.

  • You know how some people be posting stuff like, "Aye, my phone dry!

  • Ain't nobody texting me"?

  • My phone stay wet!

  • Everybody hit me up.

  • Everybody tryna see what's up, you feel me?

  • I was in the strip club once, bruh.

  • And I'm not even old enough to go in there.

  • But I got in, you feel me, because I'm fucking well-known.

  • The nigga at the front was like "Ayo, Ugly God!"

  • And then they asked for my ID and he's like "Let him through!"

  • So, I'm like "shit."

  • I ain't throw no dollar at no bitch.

  • Yep, shit.

  • But sometimes if I'm in the hood, I feel like 21 Savage, but if I'm chilling I feel like

  • Yachty.

  • Sometimes I feel like Drake.

  • Sometimes I feel like Caitlyn Jenner.

  • All that.

  • But you know, I feel like Yachty.

  • You know he got his hit, "1 Night".

  • I said just give me one night.

  • Just like Yachty.

  • I was dirty on my Twitter.

  • I told bitches I was a dike, bruh.

  • "No, I'm gay!"

  • I'm a dike!

  • I've actually said that before.

  • Before I wrote that song, I've actually said that shit.

  • On some funny shit.

  • On some ignorant shit.

  • I always been on some ignorant shit.

  • It’s ‘cause I’m a nigga.

  • Man-made.

  • It don't get no deeper than that, but most people think a dike, like the man-made river

  • shit, but no I didn't even think of that.

  • It was just some accidental shit that just happened to go.

  • I can be fake and be like, "Hell yeah I made that!

  • I'm lyrical!"

  • But no.

  • I’m not even like that.

  • Boosie Fade. If you know Lil Boosie, he really made his own haircut.

  • It's called a Boosie fade.

  • It's when your bald on the sides and back and you just got hair on the top.

  • It's some real manly shit.

  • Dikes. I guess the dike's goal is to achieve a manly look.

  • So I just said "Boosie fade like a dike."

  • Everybody's trying to join the fucking wave now.

  • Everybody's trying to be with this group of people you were talking about earlier.

  • I respect it.

  • It's just a different movement, but what I really meant is like people who didn't fuck

  • with me back then trying to ease back in the circle.

  • Nah, I hold grudges, you know.

I've been called ugly my whole fucking life.


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