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it's been like a dream of yours all your
it has just always been a dream to
perform on the raw variety show
sure and meet the Queen in person so
she's very nice
she's very nice very easy to chat to and
when you go with dinner she's just very
normal and down to well okay listen
Richard I really wish you the best of
thank you very much do you mind if I
join you on a table I would like thank
you very much okay yeah more sunscreen
or a cocktail hello summated now I have
a gift here this is a gift which is
going to be for one of you judges in
just a few moments I'm going to get
there for now I also have two notebooks
on each of these notebooks I have
different things written one is the you
Amanda as I flick through would you mind
reading some of these out for me
Jennifer Aniston Madonna Brad Pitt
killer Swift Vin Diesel Halle Berry and
what's going on there whole celebrity 60
celebrities to be precise if you could
hold your hands flat for me
place your other hand directly on top
and just hold it there also have one for
you David this one here is a drinks menu
on every page it is a different drink
please we found around Mohito I'll go
wrong whiskey all right ah I was anxious
get that you can hold your hand flat I
place your other hand on top now just
with your thumb lift up make sure no one
sees and just take a peek of whatever
you choose and it slam it closed for me
and please could you stand up and just
throw them onto the stage because we no
longer need those unleash the anger
it's pro-gaming okay and then we're
going to start with yourself you all
thinking about celebrity is that correct
think of a subsea just stand up for me
what I need to do is send two thoughts
straight directly into my mind I need
you just with your finger look me
directly in you I just touch me just on
the forehead it felt that right thank
you so much
now what you've just done is directly
send your thoughts into my mind and I'm
now how can a very creatively find out
who you were thinking of
now Baliga not before I became a
magician I spent six years in an origami
intensive training center in the heart
of Japan just like to be here with you
guys doing this right now now am I right
in saying to someone who's very
particular about their hair yeah and I
think it's probably a man don't give
anything away but I'm going to just
that's perfect okay Amanda please tell
us this wonderful audience who are you
thinking of David Beckham David Beckham
if I open this up
I've made something very very special
for you to keep
we had
looking for the tree to decorate correct
would you mind now revealing to us the
drink that you have been taken off it's
the drink I'm drinking right now which
is a cup of tea a cup of tea now this
has been here the whole time
it's been in front of yourself Simon
yeah inside here ladies and gentlemen
just as you asked for
orange soda a little bit awkward we can
still fix this don't panic you could you
just reach out your hand just here for
me send me that positive energy I
believe your lungs now just build me
with all of your kinetic energy which
allows me that act almost like a
microwave to the can stop the heat up
our camera it gets hotter and hotter
please feel it
what fill the can is getting hotter and
hotter just make sure that is a still
can as you think of wondering you said
breakfast teams their eyes
if I open this up ladies and gentlemen
just what you ordered
no hay in a cab
please bacon
they say sit my Tyrrhenian sea a
thank you so much good easy tonight I
have a gift once again which I'm going
to leave in front of you so I moved for
now I need just keep an eye on it and
make sure no one touches issues for now
I also have the wonderful Amanda Holden
autobiography and a photograph of our
judges Alicia I need you to do me a
in just a moment I've got a ripple
through the pages I just need you to say
stop wherever you like calling okay stop
are you happy there and suck to your
corner i define having what I need you
to do is just remember for me just the
page number that you've stopped on and
also just the first word on the page
fully attacked have you got that please
remember it we're going to come back to
that in just a moment now and then I
actually kept the receipt for your book
don't honey I was never planning on
taking it back I just wanted to show you
that magic is all around us all the time
you just have to choose some eyes
if I was to go back in time for example
and get my cash back it looks something
teller what was the page number you just
chose a moment ago 170 170 inside this
giving which has been here the entire
time if in fact a message in a bottle if
you look closely you'll see that
actually it is a page if I open it up
you can all see it is in fact a page
from your book commander at least please
tell us what page have I got here and
every y 7-6 the same page please turn to
place one seven six as quick as you can
for me Alicia as quick as you can and
you will find that page wants to depict
no longer exist in the book now because
it's isn't just a matching page but this
is in fact the exact
now Anisha you also chose the word yes
for the first time please tell us which
word did you choose one of my favorites
bottom bottom rachel is grateful ladies
and gents it's been an absolute pleasure
and a real dream come true to perform
lives in front of the nation tonight
just to finish bunts into the page the
chosen word
tonight I'm going to be performing
classic magic the magicians have been
performing for many years but I'm going
to put my spin on it and use it to tell
a story about a very special person and
one of the people who inspires me the
most in magic it was born in 1980 and he
went on to become one of the youngest
members of the Magic Circle at the time
in 1936 when war when world war ii broke
out he enlisted into the Royal Artillery
and he was sent to the frontline in
Singapore where he fought bravely for
king and country while he was there he
underwent heavy fighting he lost many of
his friends and he himself was shot
numerous times and severely wounded his
family fought in the dead but in fact he
was captured and he spent the next three
years of his life in a prisoner of war
camp Amanda would you sign this card as
quick as you can for
while he was in the camp he underwent
brutal treatment on a daily basis
treatment that no person should ever
have to go through but one thing that
did keep him going with his ability to
perform magic but you performed not only
for his comrades the keeper out high who
would also perform for the guards and it
gives him and his friends extra food
during the long periods of starvation
but he would have his favorite trick was
to have assigned a name to rip it into
pieces to burn it completely destroying
paws big and in a second of
impossibility restore hope among his
comrades it's the story that makes me
proud to be British this is the story of
mr. Berger's I call
very proud and honored to present to you
tonight the man himself and 97 years of
age mister
mr. wonderful


Richard Jones Britain's Got Talent WINNER | ALL Performances

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