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  • Gah! Cavity Sam here is not doing so great. He's got junk in his body that definitely

  • should not be there. But, you know, like the fork and the knife in the belly and the heartburn

  • and the jackhammer head are easy problems to fix because Sam's body does not come close

  • to the incredible complexity of what's going on inside of you right now.

  • Your body is awesome, literally. The amount of stuff going on at any given time to keep

  • you alive and functioning is awe-inspiring. Trying to manipulate the tiny little tweezers

  • so you can retrieve the nail from poor Sam's fingers is nothing compared to the challenge

  • of just trying to understand the systems that keep you operating. The human body is composed

  • of thousands of intricate pieces of biological machinery, which is part of why we rely on

  • two twin disciplines to talk about it here on Crash Course: anatomy and physiology. Anatomy

  • is the study of the structure and relationships between body parts, while physiology is the

  • science of how those parts come together to function and keep that body alive.

  • From grave robbers to microscopes, these fascinating disciplines have come a long way and we are

  • still discovering new things about how it all works. I'm not going to lie to you, it's

  • tough. We'll build on things that you learned in biology and chemistry and you'll learn

  • more about cell specialization, how your epithelial tissue creates order out of the mayhem of

  • your body, and look at the important protection you get from your integumentary system. And

  • by the end of this course you're gonna understand more about all of the complicated things your

  • body is up to right now while you're sitting there at home watching this video, and maybe

  • you'll appreciate what a wondrous thing that body of yours truly is.

  • To be clear, that is not a real x-ray.

  • It's Photoshop.

  • So join us for a new year of Crash Course where I, Hank Green, talk about all of this...

  • stuff and hopefully help us all understand a little more about ourselves with Crash Course:

  • Anatomy and Physiology.

  • (Game buzzes) Duhh! Homeostasis.

Gah! Cavity Sam here is not doing so great. He's got junk in his body that definitely


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クラッシュコース 解剖学と生理学のプレビュー (Crash Course Anatomy & Physiology Preview)

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