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  • I don�t have the exact numbers on this, but by my count...there were at least 60 Wii

  • games with the wordpartyin the title. That was the thing on Wii. Just claim to incite

  • parties, and you were gold. And there�s a few reasons for that. One, the Wii was an

  • absolute blast for local multiplayer. Two, obvious marketing is obvious.

  • And three...well, all the lazy, copycat development on the Wii.

  • Now, largely due to reason three, most of those 60 games were just...terrible. On an

  • unthinkable scale. But there were exceptions to the rule. There was Boom Blox Bash Party.

  • There was Wii Party. And on WiiWare...there was Tetris Party. This wasn�t the same old

  • Vomit Party. This was a party worth getting drunk for. And hey, if we can repackage it

  • onto a retail disc two years later for double the cost?

  • Now that�s a party. Open the bubbly.

  • So obviously, this is one party I kinda have mixed feelings about. Tetris Party was an

  • exceptionally good game, easily one of the best on WiiWare. And you know, a deluxe version

  • of a great game should be a great game, right? But there has always been something about

  • Tetris Party Deluxe that�s bothered me.

  • I don�t know. Is it a better product than Tetris Party? Yeah, it is.

  • But is it really worth twice the price?

  • Tetris Party Deluxe was released in 2010, the last truly great year for new Wii games.

  • Obviously, this was a deluxe retail edition of the 2008 WiiWare hit, Tetris Party. So

  • the game is largely the same. It�s a collection of several variations on Tetris, perhaps the

  • single greatest puzzle game of all-time. Only in this case, it�s a party.

  • It�s a...mad Russian party.

  • So all the great new modes from Tetris Party are back in this version. That includes Field

  • Climber, which has you building stairs out of falling tetrominoes. If the little stick

  • man can reach the goal at the top of the screen, you move on. That�s pretty brilliant. There�s

  • also a Shadow mode, which has you filling in shapes to essentially create sprites. And

  • that�s really brilliant.

  • In fact, what�s great about this game is how clever it gets with the variations. I

  • mean, some of them aren�t as great as others, but the ones that work really work. And there�s

  • so many of them, it�s almost overwhelming. Tetris Party had about 18 different modes,

  • and this one adds another six...including Bombliss, brought back from Tetris 2.

  • Now, you can always just play regular Tetris, which is as great here as it always has been.

  • But the focus of Tetris Party is obviously multiplayer, and it�s ridiculous how much

  • multiplayer is actually here. I didn�t have anyone to play against to record here, but

  • the game�s pretty...stacked. You see, that�s a pun. Anyway, there�s a classic battle

  • mode, there�s a tag-team co-op mode for two teams of two...and most of the new modes

  • actually support multiplayer. So...I mean, Tetris Party was packed with content.

  • Deluxe just adds a bit more.

  • But you know, therein lies my issue with Tetris Party Deluxe. What do you make of a game that

  • just...adds a bit more? I mean, to its credit, it is a nice amount more. And as someone who

  • always prefers the permanence of a physical copy, there�s obviously an advantage there,

  • as well. But I mean, it�s not like this version improves the original�s bland graphics

  • or its generic presentation. It�s not like it�s twice as good.

  • Deluxe is the best Tetris Party, gotta pay double

  • the cover.

I don�t have the exact numbers on this, but by my count...there were at least 60 Wii


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