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  • [Sensual Dornish music]

  • Playing in the paint, I see

  • It's my favorite place to draw fowls

  • Why are you still here?

  • I thought your bannermen left long ago

  • Do you think they can make it home

  • without you to carry them?

  • [Sensible chuckle]

  • How about a quick duel, James? One on one

  • Just like old times

  • I don't have time for your games, Brodie

  • Some of us are still in the playoffs

  • You're right. I'd hate to break those

  • SECOND most valuable ankles before your next series

  • Ay! You come into my casa with so much sass-a

  • Do your worst, bitch!

  • Mmm, very nice!

  • A double Shammgod into The Answer’s crossover

  • Impressive

  • Actually, that was Tim Hardaway's

  • Oh, sorry

  • I was supposed to let you get the rebound, right?

  • Now this move here, I used it for my 22nd triple-double

  • Ha! I used this one for my 42nd

  • I don’t know why you don’t come to Houston more often

  • You clearly love to travel

  • Oh this from a man who leads the league in turnovers?

  • Not anymore!

  • Game point, James

  • Time to show off those renowned defensive skills

  • Ah, but actually, my defense is much improved!

  • In fact, if you look at the numbers,

  • you will see that I contested over EIGHT shots per game,

  • Third most among guards


  • We could've had it all, James

  • If you and the Serpent hadn’t slithered away

  • OK, Russ. Like this isn’t what you wanted ALL along

  • To finally be the MAN

  • All the triple-doubles, the Realm MVP...

  • Now he does what he wants, right?

  • ...Everything except win

  • Now if youll excuse me

  • I have to get my ass kicked by the Spurs

  • And get his ass kicked, they did

  • Though Ser Beard and his bannermen won the first battle,

  • House Spurs proved too strong,

  • vanquishing House Rockets in six games

  • Elsewhere in the West,

  • House Warriors made quick work of the Brotherhood with One Banner

  • and sent House Jazz to a swift demise

  • When the Pop King and his Soulless Army tried to stop them,

  • they found silver was no match for gold

  • Over in the East,

  • the Hammer of Akron smashed rebellions from House Pacers and the Canadlings

  • All eyes turned to the one seed,

  • but the King of the Fourth proved merely

  • the King of Fourth Place

  • And so it was written

  • King James and the Champions of Balleros

  • against the most powerful house the Realm has ever seen

  • OK, well maybe second

  • Second?! Who's first?

  • Well, obviously it's Ser Jordan and his 96 Bulls

  • Well, some say it's the Bulls, but others argue

  • it's the Showtime Dynasty right here in Los Angeles!

  • How do we become a dynasty again, Lord Magic?

  • I want to become a dynasty!

  • Well, the first step is to trade all the little buggers who send inappropriate ravens

  • Harumph!

  • Then, we sign big-time free agents

  • Like Paul George!

  • And thirdly, we build through the DRAFT

  • Yesss! From the fire you are born, my little Lonzo

  • The Triad of Balls will make the Realm shake

  • Go forth, and get us our ONE BILLION gold

  • WAAAAHHHH!!! I want to play for the Lakers, Daddy!




[Sensual Dornish music]


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