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  • Today, we're going to see what other food we can cut with an egg slicer

  • I'm using this metal one because i'ts nice and strong

  • We're going to start with something easy, like butter

  • Just open up the slicer,

  • and you can sit a nice big piece on top.

  • And, because it's relatively soft,

  • the slicer cuts through it like,

  • well, like butter.

  • it gives you these nice even slices

  • and you can pick them up, and put them in a dish

  • to serve on the table with breakfast

  • The next thing we're going to try is hot dog sausages

  • just lay one across the slicer,

  • and bring the arm down

  • it breaks off the sausage, and cuts the rest into nice even slices

  • then... you can do the same again

  • and keep going until you get to the end

  • these slices make a perfect pizza topping

  • next, we're going to try slicing up a courgette

  • sadly, you do need to use a knife to chop iti nto segments first

  • but then, you can take a piece, and run it through the slicer to give you these nice even pieces

  • and what is cool, is you can even chop it this way around to give you some variation

  • it does make chopping things really easy, and it gives you that nice uniform thickness

  • and you can even use it for canned potatoes, or if you've boiled your own

  • It cuts straight through them

  • And you can use these pieces to get a nice quick snack!

  • Heat up a frying pan

  • And melt a piece of your butter

  • Add some slices of potatoe

  • And abit more butter if you want too

  • slowly fry them off

  • Then throw in some courgette

  • and I'm also adding some slices of hot dog sausage

  • Fry it all of gently

  • and keep turning it

  • and after a few minutes it should be cooked and ready to serve!

  • pretty cool huh?

  • if you like you could take some feta cheese

  • break yourself off abit

  • and cut it into strips with your slicer

  • you can spread some out on top of your food to give it some extra flavour!

  • and its ready to serve

  • the whole thing is really quick to make and is really tasty

  • if you want to see what else you cut with an egg slicer

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  • stay safe! have fun!

  • and as always, thanks for watching!

Today, we're going to see what other food we can cut with an egg slicer


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