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  • Lesson 8

  • It’s a Building Which Is Known for Its "Green" Design

  • Page 90 Dialogue

  • Listen to the dialogue.

  • (In the classroom)

  • Kevin, long time no see.

  • Did you go abroad this summer?

  • No, but I just came back from Penghu.

  • I bought some postcards for you guys.

  • Here, pick one.

  • I like the one that has the bright blue sky and the unusual rocks.

  • Hey, what’s that building with all the square glass on it?

  • It’s a building which is known for itsgreendesign.

  • Greendesign? But its walls aren’t painted green.

  • Come on. “Greenmeans eco-friendly.

  • OK. What can green buildings do for the Earth?

  • Well... they can not only save people money but save the Earth’s natural resources.

  • Can you give me an example?

  • By using glass in an eco-friendly way, we can bring in sunlight to light up those green buildings.

  • So people who live in these buildings use less power and still can live a comfortable life.

  • Being eco-friendly is a win-win way to go.

Lesson 8


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