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Whether you are watching an entire Netflix series in one sitting
or playing the newest Zelda from start to finish,
most of us spend a significant time in front of screens.
But is binge watching bad for your brain and body ?
In the past it may have actually been deadly !
In 1967, an era in manufacturing led to the selling of TV's
which emitted harmful X-Rays with radiation levels 100,000 times higher than what is considered safe today.
But even modern televisions cause a strain on your eyes.
Under normal circumstances, humans blink around 18 times per minute,
but when staring at a screen, this rate decreases drastically,
causing sore and tired eyes.
Fortunately, these symptoms are generally short-term.
In children, however, simply spending extended hours indoors can have developmental effects
A condition called Myopia where the eyes cannot focus properly
is seen much more frequently in children who spend more time inside.
Not only are you constantly forced to focus on nearby objects
as opposed to far-off landscapes and distances.
But scientists believe that the sun itself, may actually play a role in healthy eye regulation.
And while TV might feel like a nice way to relax your body and brain,
that may not always be a good thing.
Not only is a sedentary lifestyle a major contributor to obesity,
but studies have shown that, people who watch less TV tend to burn more calories.
Even if they aren't doing more physical activity.
Simply doing more mentally rigorous tasks like reading, playing a board game or
simple household activities requires more energy and burns more calories.
And if you want to truly relax, TV before bed may also be hurting you.
Studies have shown that it may actually reduce the hours of quality sleep.
Contributing to chronic sleep debt.
It may also affect other bed time activities.
Researchers have found that those who watch more than twenty hours of TV a week
have on average a 44% reduction in sperm.
But perhaps the most significant findings relate directly to your lifespan.
Not only is there a documented correlation between
TV viewing time and risk for diabetes and heart disease
but as shocking as it might be multiple studies have found a correlation between
TV viewing time and all causes of death .
One study concluded that every hour spent in front of the TV
may cut as much as 22 minutes of your life.
Of course correlation does not equal causation
and you can have a healthy relationship with TV if consumed in moderation like anything else.
At the root of many of these claims is the physical inactivity associated with prolonged TV watching.
Ultimately the more you move, the more you live.
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ドラマをイッキ見しちゃった!目に悪いの? (Is Binge Watching Bad For You?)

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