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  • A Letter From Emily

  • Why did Emily write this letter to John?

  • Listen to the reading.

  • Dear John,

  • Choosing to go to vocational school is like batting at a baseball game.

  • When you stand at home base and swing your bat, you don’t know if youre going to hit a home run or not.

  • But you know what you must dofocus your mind on the ball.

  • Making choices is the same thing.

  • You need to listen to your heart before making your choice.

  • Then you will have a better chance to hit a home run.

  • Here is a poem for you.

  • Shh.... Shh....

  • Can you hear it?

  • Listen. Listen.

  • It’s talking to you.

  • It’s telling you what is true.

  • It never lies to you.

  • Why is this?

  • Because it is your best friend.

  • It is you.

  • by Suzan Babcock

  • John, maybe youre simply too worried to think clearly, but you should listen to your inside voice.

  • It will never cheat you.

  • If you love art, then go to vocational school.

  • You can take hands-on classes and learn new skills.

  • All of these will help you to sail successfully into your future.

  • Good luck!

  • Your BFF, Emily

Page 70 Reading


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