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  • Mahavir Singh has just flipped his opponent and pinned him down.

  • With that he's secured five points for himself.

  • And Mahavir Singh Phogat has won the wrestling championship!

  • Medalists don't grow on trees.

  • You have to nurture them.

  • With love, with hard work, with passion.

  • The performance of the Indian team has been extremely poor.

  • Like every athlete, I too had a dream.

  • To win a gold for my country.

  • What I couldn't do, our son will.

  • He will win gold for our country.

  • Our flag will fly the highest.

  • Another defeat for India in the wrestling championship.

  • Congratulations, brother.

  • Your fourth child is also a girl.

  • I couldn't give you a son...

  • Don't get me wrong.

  • Both, Geeta and Babita are very dear to me.

  • But, only a boy can fulfil my dream.

  • India will have to wait longer for international glory.

  • Look how badly they've been thrashed.

  • They're all swollen and bruised.

  • Why did you beat them?

  • I didn't, uncle.

  • Geeta and Babita beat them up.

  • They started it.

  • He called me a loser and Babita a witch.

  • So, we gave it to them.

  • All along, I was desperate for a son

  • so he could win a gold in wrestling for India.

  • But, what didn't occur to me was that gold is gold.

  • Whether a boy wins it, or a girl.

  • Anything that shifts their focus from wrestling,

  • I will get rid of!

  • Enough of wrestling,

  • now, it's time for a real fight!

  • Always remember...

  • if you win silver,

  • sooner or later people will forget you.

  • But if you win gold, you will become an example.

  • And examples are given

  • not forgotten.

  • One roar of the lion silences The bleating of a thousand sheep

  • So, wrestle, O Wrestler!

  • Wrestle, O Wrestler!

  • Your glory may rise and fall

  • Cause up in the sky Your stars are wrestling, too

  • So, wrestle, O Wrestler!

  • Wrestle, O Wrestler!

  • Wrestling is for boys.

  • You think our girls are any lesser than boys?

Mahavir Singh has just flipped his opponent and pinned him down.


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