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  • Lesson 3

  • Dolphins Don’t Belong Here, Do They?

  • Page 26 Dialogue

  • Listen to the dialogue.

  • (Tina and her husband, Ben, are at Happy Ocean Park.)

  • Wow! I really enjoyed watching that lovely dolphin show.

  • Those dolphins did great tricks.

  • I felt so sorry for them.

  • Why did they have to do those tricks?

  • What do you mean?

  • It’s great fun to watch the dolphin show, isn’t it?

  • Yes. But... they don’t belong here, do they?

  • Maybe not. But without them, this park will be boring.

  • In my view, it’s still not right to make them do tricks.

  • Maybe you are right.

  • But we won’t be able to watch them closely or touch them on the nose if we send them back to nature.

  • Now, why don’t we think this way?

  • Do you want people to touch your nose every day?

  • I think not.

  • Do you want to do the same tricks over and over again?

  • Of course not! But....

  • See? We should be kind to these dolphins because they are part of nature just like us.

Lesson 3


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