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  • Lesson 2

  • Are You Bored with Eating the Same Food Every Day?

  • Page 14 Dialogue

  • Listen to the dialogue

  • (On a TV show)

  • It’s noon. Time for lunch.

  • Are you bored with eating the same food every day?

  • In today’s show, were going to present a Taiwanese dish.

  • And I’m sure that youll be interested in it.

  • Here, we are at The Top of the Hill Restaurant.

  • Let’s meet the owner, Mr. Wu.

  • Hello. Welcome to my restaurant.

  • Thanks, Mr. Wu.

  • I know that youre a great cook.

  • Were here to taste your special dish.

  • Its taste always surprises my friends from foreign countries.

  • Can you show it to us now?

  • Sure. Here it isour famous century egg.

  • The name sounds interesting....

  • But it looks just like an ordinary egg.

  • Why is it so famous?

  • Well, let me show you.

  • I have a sharp knife here, and I’ll cut the egg in half.

  • Watch closely.

  • Gee! The inside part is black, and its center looks like glue.

  • Hold it close to your nose and smell it.

  • Hmm.... it smells like dead fish. I’m scared.

  • Don’t be scared. Just peel the egg and try it.

  • I think that youll love it.

  • Hmm.... Interesting.

Lesson 2


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