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  • Hey, how's it goin' bros? My name-

    やあ みんな調子はどうだ? 俺の名前は-

  • MY NAME JEFF Oh my God, fuck that was loud, Jesus. Welcome to a brand new let's play, and I know what you're thinking

    [ジェフです] うわあクソ…音でけえな


    新しいゲーム実況へようこそ お前らが思ってる事は分かってるぞ

  • I'm still gonna play Outlast but this game came out today, and I've been excited for it for a very long time

    「でもPewds アウトラスト2はー???」

  • So I'm gonna play it. I'm going to play it today. I know you guys would love it too. It's called Little Nightmares


  • You may have seen me play this already a little bit before. It's a really quirky

    でも このゲームが今日リリースされてさ コレ俺ずっと楽しみに待ってたんだよ

  • different looking type of horror game. It was fucking scary, too. Well at least what I saw so far


  • I'm super pumped for this I'm so lucky so many games are coming out lately

    お前らも きっと気に入ると思う 「リトル・ナイトメア」というゲームだ

  • It makes me so excited

    もしかしたら 少し前に見た事あるかもね すごく奇妙で変わったゲームだよ

  • I don't really

    違ったタイプのホラゲーだけど 少なくとも 俺が今まで見た中で すごく怖かった

  • It's weird like sometimes. There's no games

    超興奮してるよ 最近沢山のゲームがリリースされてすごくラッキーだ

  • Sometimes we're blessed with a shit ton of games, and it seems like that's the time so let's just uh


  • thank you, and

    時々なんか変だよな ゲームが全然ない時期があるのに-

  • Let's play this. Let's get this party started

    たまに すげえ数のゲームに恵まれる時があるよな どうやら今がその時みたいだ

  • I also have no idea what the story of this one is

    本当感謝するよ それじゃあ-

  • It's going to be interesting to see

    ゲームをプレイをしようか パーティを始めよう

  • All we know so far is that you're a little uh...

    このゲームのストーリーについては 全然見当もついてないんだw

  • Weird look.., I almost said yellow looking guy, but that's not it


  • Can the game start please? I don't have stuff... That's a bell everyone. Oh, it's not? What do you think it is then?

    知ってる限りの事は なんか小さい…

  • Oh shit. I okay. Well it was... Well that's very creepy

    変な…黄色い格好のキャラがいるって事だけだ でも あれは違うね

  • Oh shit

    ゲームを始めてくれないかな? 何も話す事がないんだw

  • So it just starts like that. We just had a nightmare.


  • A "little nightmare", thank you, high five. -That's a bit low *air horn*

    ああ違ったな お前ら何だと思う?

  • That's what I'm talking about. Here we go

    クソ… こりゃすごく不気味だ

  • Yeah boi


  • Yeah boi, just had a nightmare. That's how you wake up from a nightmare

    こんな風に始まるんだな 俺たちは悪夢を見てたのか

  • I like how we're wearing a raincoat


  • Wonder where she got it. It's very cute, Marzia has a similar one

    ありがとう ハイタッチだ

  • Why am I telling you this? I don't know

    音が小さいな (*エアホーン音)

  • Alright uh...

    そうそう この事を言ってたんだ さあ行くぞ

  • Let me figure out how to play the game

    イエア ボーイ

  • She sort of grabs It automatically. She's trying to push it. I can't do it

    さっき悪夢を見たばかりなんだな こうやって起き上がるわけか

  • This games reminds me a looot of Inside.


  • That game was fucking awesome, one of my favorite games last year. Hey, it's the potato creatures

    どこで手に入れたんだろ すごく可愛いな マリツァが似たようなのを持ってるよ

  • That's not what they look like, but that's what they're called now. That's the name we're going with, calm down everyone

    なんでこの事をお前らに喋ったんだ? わからん

  • Hopefully, this is not as scary as Outlast. I'm getting tired of (scar...) too scary games, man. I'm getting old, man


  • What can I say?


  • Before you judge me, I doubt it's as scary to watch as it is to play so...


  • Oh!

    "inside"を ものすごく彷彿とさせるゲームだ

  • I remember now. I have a lighter

    去年プレイした俺のお気に入りのゲームの中で 最高だったよ

  • (I) don't remember how you grab stuff.

    おい ポテトクリーチャーだ

  • It seems like that- that could be... useful

    ポテトには見えんが 俺たちはこれから連中をそう呼ぶ 落ち着けよお前ら

  • Okay, I figured out how to grab stuff

    幸いにも このゲームは アウトラストほど怖くないね

  • You just hold that mouse button.

    怖すぎるゲームに疲れてきてるんだ 俺もオッサンになって来てるからさ

  • I should be playing this with a controller I just couldn't find one


  • So why did I do this?

    お前ら俺を批判する前に… このゲームは見てるだけでプレイしてると同じ位 怖いと思うけどね

  • Why exactly? hey, Pewdiepie is great at puzzles everyone! Top of the mornin to ya.

    今思い出した ライターを持ってるんだ

  • There you go, she grabbed it now, okay.


  • My bad. I'm a fucking idiot, as always.


  • let's crouch through, cool.


  • Yeah, boy


  • the game doesn't explain anything. I love it.

    コントローラーで遊ぶべきなんだけど 見つからなかったんだ

  • Not a single fucking thing

    それなのに なんで俺これやったんだろ?

  • It doesn't assume you're a fucking scrub that doesn't know how to, uhh


  • It sounds like I'm peeing doesn't it? I like it.

    おい!ピューディパイはパズルが 大得意だぞ みんな!

  • I like it a lot.


  • The sound of peeing is uhh, it's very soothing to me. Don't judge.

    そこに行こう よし、今つかんだな

  • I know you feel the same way, okay?

    悪いね 俺はいつもクソバカなんだわ

  • What are you doing little girl?

    しゃがんで通り抜けよう いいねぇ

  • I feel like she needs a name

    イエア ボーイ

  • Sa- Sammy ? No, Sally Sue ? Some southern name shit ?

    このゲーム 何も説明してこないんだな 大好きだわw

  • All right, this is cool. So far zero death *air horn*


  • Doing a great job. This is a zero deaths playthrough everyone! first ever attempted on YouTube.

    自分がちっぽけな子で 何をするかもわからないなんて予想もしないだろ

  • I swear something moved just there


  • Can I pull this out?


  • What was that sound?

    小便の音って…なんか落ち着かせてくれるんだ 俺を批判するなよ

  • Hey, baby, what's that sound? Oh God what is that?


  • Oh, that's the thing from the start ?

    何をしてるんだ 少女ちゃん?

  • Hey, you're mine now


  • We're going together

    サミーかな?いや、サリーかスー? 南部系の名前がいいか?

  • Adventure!

    いいね まだゼロ・デスだぞ (*エアホーン音)

  • With mommy doll and Felix, great times, great times were had, indeed. Oh, we're so tiny

    素晴らしい ゼロ・デスのプレイ実況だぞ! Youtubeで初めての挑戦だな

  • So cute


  • What is this place?


  • Why do I have this?


  • Do I need this ?

    ヘイ ベイビー これは何の音よ? うわあ何だコレ?

  • Ah fuck it


  • Okay, let's go


  • I think we need to go through here


  • Weee!


  • Yeah, jumping on the bed!

    ママの人形とフィリックスの冒険か とっても楽しいね

  • Hell yeah, motherfucker. I got an achievement


  • You can't see it. It says "highly sprung"


  • So is ma-... Okay let's play the game everyone


  • Press to jump and to- oh okay, I didn't get the grabbing part


  • Ah


  • Conveniently placed...

    ああ もういいや

  • Toilet paper!!

    OK 行こうか

  • Best game


  • Toilet paper, you're my new friend, toilet paper


  • We're gonna put - we're gonna complete this entire game with toilet paper.


  • I'm never letting you go toilet paper, I love you

    やったぜ アチーブメントを獲得したぞ!

  • Your name is

    画面の上に表示されたから お前らには見えないけど

  • Timmy

    OK ゲームに戻ろうか

  • Good name. I know- oh !

    スペースキーでジャンプか ああ…なるほど つかみ方を理解してなかった

  • [Laughs]


  • I just noticed something

    (゚o゚ ) トイレットペーパーだ!

  • Oh okay, alright. Let's uhh, let's keep going everyone


  • Forgot that we were playing a horror game- look at the door. It's so creepy

    トイレットペーパー お前は俺の新しい友達だ

  • Alright, so

    俺たちはこれからトイレットペーパーと共に このゲームをクリアするぞ

  • Gonna have to...


  • come over the struggles of being a tiny person.

    愛してるよ お前の名前は…

  • I know what you're thinking !


  • "But Pewds, you're leaving Timmy behind"


  • Never. We're never leaving Timmy behind.

    Σ(゚Д゚) オオ!!

  • He's our friend. He's our lover. I said lover. That's right. We love each other.


  • I wonder if I can ignite Timmy with flames


  • Okay, I can't.

    よし分かった ゲームを続けようか

  • Well it looks like you'll live another day, Timmy. It's your lucky day. Let's keep going. Best friends forever

    ホラゲーをプレイしてたって事を忘れてたよ 見ろよ あの不気味なドア

  • All right, what do we got here, Timmy?


  • Doesn't look very good, does it ?

    ちっこい人間としての この苦労を 乗り越えなきゃならん

  • Looks like a [shitty] situation

    お前らが思ってる事はわかってる 「でもPewds ティミーを置き去りにしてるよ」

  • Alright, get it? 'Cuz you're toilet paper [alright].

    するわけがない 絶対にティミーを置き去りにしないぞ

  • Hey, what do we got in the fridge?

    アイツは俺達の友達で 恋人だ そうだ 俺たち愛し合ってるんだ

  • What if I can climb- Ohhhh yeah! Boi!


  • Bye Timmy !

    わかった できんな

  • Bye *family-friendly Felix song*

    もう一日生きられるみたいだぞ ティミー お前にとってラッキーな日だな

  • *screaming WTFUUUUU*


  • Shut up, Timmy. It's gonna be okay. I'll be back for you *WTF*

    さて ここに何があるのかなティミー?

  • Sorry, Timmy. I love you.

    あんまりお前 元気そうじゃないな?

  • I'll never forget you, Timmy. You're my-


  • You're my best friend. EWW!

    当たり前か お前はトイレットペーパーだもんな



  • Zero deaths. Zero deaths, everyone. Don't worry about it.

    これ登れたら…? おぉーー イエー ボーイ!

  • It uhhh- That was uh- that wasn't me. Hey, I woke up from a nightmare

    バーイ ティミー!

  • Don't interact with a slug alright well lesson uhh- lesson learned. *whoop*

    バーイ ♪

  • Fuck you, slug

    [音声: 何だってーー?!]

  • You can go back to your animes

    静かにしろティミー 大丈夫だ お前のために戻ってくるから

  • Or hentais, I don't know

    ごめんなティミー 愛してるぜ お前の事は忘れない

  • This game is so fucking cool so far


  • AHH, no! No more slugs!

    ああ!クソマジかよ! ええちょっ!

  • Go! Fuck the slugs! I mean DON'T fuck the slugs.

    ゼロ・デスだ みんな心配するな

  • This ain't no hentai

    さっきのは俺じゃないからな なあ 悪夢から起きたぞ!

  • Jesus, Zero deaths by the way *air-horn*

    ナメクジには触れちゃダメなんだな 教訓になったよ

  • Zero Deaths! I know I'm-


  • I'm breaking the tension so hard by using the stupid sound board.

    クソッタレ ナメクジ

  • This is so cool. I see those slugs.


  • Very cool. Very cool so far.

    それか変態エロアニメか 知らんが

  • Loving this.


  • Alright.

    ああ!やめろ! これ以上ナメクジは要らん!

  • Could we climb this perhaps? Sorta.. It's the...

    どっか行け!ファック、ナメクジめ…! ナメクジとはファックしねえって意味だ!

  • Hey, hey, we did it. *high pitched voice* Yeah boi!


  • Oh

    危なかったな だが ゼロ・デスだ!!

  • There we go, climb all through


  • It almost feels like...

    この緊張感をクソサウンドボードで ぶっ壊してるな

  • Oh my God, the potato people.

    超カッコイイな ナメクジ共が見えるぞ

  • *Pewds screaming*


  • Shit! Oh I literally fell in shit.


  • Where's Timmy when you need him ?


  • That son of a bitch.


  • Oh God I hear them, but I- OHHH shit, they're everywhere.

    おお!俺達やったな! (´・ω・`)< イエア ボーイ!

  • Oh this is bad. Aah don't touch me.

    いこうか もぐり込むぞ

  • Don't touch me peasants! You're disgusting!


  • Alright. Fuck.

    (; ・`д・´) ああマジか…ポテト人だ

  • Uaghh *kapuschh* By-ye !

    (; ゚Д゚)<ア"ア"ア"----!!

  • Wish you could burn them! Oh shit that was close.


  • I know I keep saying it, but this game is so fucking cool.


  • I love how it plays so far.


  • Hope you're enjoying it as well.


  • Good jump there Felix, good job.

    アイツらの音が聞こえるぞ クソ!そこら中にいる…!

  • It's almost like you can- can't even tell that I do this for a living.

    こりゃ最悪だ 俺に触るな

  • AH! Potato people.

    触んな 芋くさい田舎者め! お前らキモいわ!

  • Those God damn potatoes.


  • Fuck, I'm still alive. I'm st-


  • Zero deaths, calm down.

    アイツら燃やせたらいいのにな -おっと!危なかったな

  • We're still alive. We're still going strong.

    ずっと言いまくってるけど このゲームはガチでクールだ

  • Let's take it a little bit more carefully now, boy- or girl or whoever's watching

    この遊び方 俺は大好きだよ

  • I ain't discriminating to any gender, or species. If you're-

    お前らも 楽しんでくれてるといいなぁ

  • If you so happen to be a potato people watching this, just know that I care about you.

    良いジャンプだ フィリックス よくやったぞ