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In celebration of Valentine's day. We are going to be making a love potion
I have been getting so many requests from you guys to make a Carrie potter themed drink recipe
So we are going to be making Amortentia
Which technically is an infatuation potion because you cannot make a love potion in the harry Potter world
That is impossible, but this spell is very powerful
And I thought it was pretty deep because to each person it smells like something that they're attracted to
For me it would probably smell like pizza
and chocolate
So today we are making the harry potter themed drink Amortentia punch
Let's get started!
The things you will need will be some heart-shaped jars
I found these ones at my local craft store at Michaels
And I just wanted them to look like the ones that you could find at the Weasleys joke store where they sell these love
potions to go. I also found these at the craft store
You can make these at home, but they're just pink tassel necklaces and some sheets of clear sticker paper
Just remember you want the clear sticker paper for this project not the white sticker paper
and then for our punch recipe you will need:
1 cup of club soda, 2 cups of lemonade, 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream, 1/2 a cup of
raspberry sorbet and 1 teaspoon of Orchid pink luster dust.
Now let's put it all together!
Let's make some potion!
The first thing that we're going to do is take out our ice cream and sorbet and let them soften for about 10 to
15 minutes before we scoop them once you've done that we're gonna open them up off. Soft? ready to go!
I got a little 1/2 cup scoop over here. You just gonna scoop it up
If I was in professor slughorn's class I'd probably get a B-minus [oop]
"Mmm Mmm"
That's okay!
So I'm just gonna scoop our vanilla ice cream into the pitcher now that we're off to a nice clean start we are going to
Do a scoop of our raspberry sorbet.
And again we're going to need another 1/2 cup, but I'm going to use this spoon to scoop it in there
"Hmm!" better do a taste test!
Add in the 1/2 cup to the pitcher now that we've measured our ice cream and sorbet
We are going to add the rest of our ingredients
We are going to add our club soda
This makes me feel like I'm in a potions class look at that!
our lemonade and luster dust
Then we're gonna whisk it up! Stir! stir! stir! until it's well combined
Our punch is ready, i'm going to set this in refrigerator to chill while we decorate our love potion bottles.
This is one of my favorite parts.
It is time to decorate and we're doing a little bit of arts and crafts today.
So that's always different and very fun.
I've printed out a template onto the clear sticker paper if you want to use the template that I made in photoshop
I'll put a link down below where you can download it for free
but I just made
Little designs that when we stick them onto the bottles will look just like they did at the weasley brothers stores what you're going to
Do is print this out and then taking some scissors We're going to cut out each heart shape
I'm just going to freehand it and eyeball it and cut pretty close to the design we cut out our little sticker
And you're going to do this to the rest of your designs
And then once it's cut out, peel off the back
Then we're just going to stick it right
On to the front and you're just going to press it down around the edges to get out all the air bubbles
And do this to the rest of your bottle all of our bottles are looking good and now we are going to add our little
Pink tassels, so I'm going to do is these are like old necklaces my date
What I'm gonna do is cut it right down the middle oop and tie it off to the side and do loop it around one
Gonna tie a double knot in the back and then cut off the excess look at that
Oh, then you're gonna do this to the rest of your love potion these are looking so cute
They are almost ready to sell at Weasley's Wizard Wheezes here. We go. We've got our punch
I took it out of the fridge if your punch separates in the fridge that's totally normal you'll just take a little spoon
Mix it up till is well combined and then we are going to pour them into our cute little potion
I'm going to be using a little funnel for more control because I'm a little clumsy
And it should look just like that and now that we can make as many of these as you like tada
We made Amortentia potion punch today a big
Thank you to you guys for suggesting something Harry Potter because I love Harry Potter
And I think this recipe was perfect for Valentine's day, so it was a perfect fit. Thank you guys
I'll be posting lots of pictures of these cute little potions and the recipe on RosannaPansino.com Instagram
Facebook and Twitter and if you guys make these, please take a picture and send it to me
I love seeing your baking creations. It just makes me happy
It makes my day, and if you have any other ideas for any other nerdy nummies
Please let me know leave a comment down below, and I will do my best to make it happen alright. thanks again. You guys bye-bye
And now I can have one for me
Mmm. I think I'm in love with ice cream punch



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