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字幕表 動画を再生する

  • I know what you're thinking.


  • This looks bad.


  • But I assure you,


  • I have everything under contr-UGH!


  • Okay, maybe not.


  • Ugh, such a dirty shoe.


  • First things first.


  • I'm not your average teenager.


  • I never get to grow up with a family with bikes and candy.


  • My family was an international network of killers.


  • I bike with a Falcon Recon 23X,


  • and the closest thing I ever got to candy was...


  • Well, I did get a lolipop once


  • but that's not the point!


  • As long as I remember, I've been trained to become an A.S.S.,


  • an Agent of Secret Stuff.


  • For 17 years I trained alongside with one of the cruelest, boldest, most heartless killer of all the,


  • Tracy.


  • - It's a man's name...!

    - 男の名前だ......!

  • 3 months ago, on the final day of my training,


  • Tracy brought me in front of a panel,


  • the highest ranked


  • I'm talking top quality A.S.S.


  • - Aden, for the past 17 years you have been like a son to me.

    - エーデン、この17年間、あなたは私にとって息子のような存在だった。

  • We've been on missions around the world,


  • prevented various global disasters and saved countless lives.


  • And now, it's time for you to become an official Agent of Secret Stuff.


  • But, before I give you your Honorary Operative License Entitlement,


  • your H.O.L.E.,


  • you have one more assignment you must complete.


  • - But... Sir! With all due respect, I devoted my life to training.

    - でも...(安藤) 先生!お言葉ですが 私は生涯をかけて 修行に励んできました

  • - You will follow orders!

    - 命令に従え!

  • - But... But why?! I already did all the hard stuff!

    - でも...でもなんで?難しいことは全部やったのに!

  • - We are!

    - 私たちは!

  • We do not complain when things get too hard.


  • We push on through, and we take it.


  • - But you said...

    - でも、あなたが言ったのは...

  • - Enough!

    - もういい!

  • Please, tell Aden his assignment.


  • - Aden, we need you for a special assignment that only you can execute!

    - アデン 君だけが実行できる特別な任務が必要なんだ!

  • The Society Involving Not-so-good Stuff, a.k.a. the S.I.N.S.,

    "あまり良くないものに関わる社会" 別名S.I.N.S.

  • they have been our mortal enemies for decades.


  • And now, they have found a new target,


  • Taylor Rentrol, a high school senior.


  • We need an agent on the inside.


  • We believe that the S.I.N.S. have already infiltrated the school with assassins of their own!


  • Your mission is to pose as a high school student and protect Taylor from impending threats!


  • - But... why are they after Taylor?

    - でも...なぜテイラーを狙ってるの?

  • - That will be revealed at a later time,

    - それは後日明らかになります。

  • in like, 30 minutes?


  • We have already made preparations for your enrollment.


  • A spot has been made available in all of Taylor's classes.


  • She must not know that she is in danger!


  • This is a new world for you!


  • High school students are the most dangerous and misunderstood citizens that you will ever come across!


  • You must operate cautiously.


  • - I will not fail.

    - 失敗はしません。

  • - Cool, peace out.

    - 涼しく、平和に。

  • - Oh yea, come here.

    - そうだ、こっちに来てくれ

  • Guys, I need your attention just for one second.


  • Hey!


  • Shut up. We have a new student.


  • His name is um... Jose McDonald.


  • Yea, obviously.


  • Why don't you say Hi, Jose.

    挨拶したらどうだ ホセ

  • Right on man, you're gonna fit in perfectly.


  • Why don't you take a seat in front of Bieber there?


  • You guys open up your Visions book to Chapter 14.


  • - Hey, I'm Taylor, Can I help you with something?

    - 私はテイラーよ 何かご用?

  • - Ho-lah, I'm "Joezy".

    - ホラ、俺は "Joezy "だ。

  • - Isn't it pronounced as "Jose"?

    - ホセ」と発音するのでは?

  • - Is that what you want it to be?

    - そうなって欲しいのかな?

  • So it's gonna be like our code word for "danger"?

    "危険 "の合言葉のようになるのか?

  • - What are you talking about?...

    - 何を言ってるんだ?

  • - You know, I'll be "Hose A", you'll be "Hose B".

    - 俺はホースA、お前はホースBだ

  • - Are you okay?

    - 大丈夫か?

  • - Taylor, zip it up and shut your face hole.

    - テイラー、チャックを閉めて顔の穴を閉じろ

  • These kids are trying to learn.


  • - Thanks a lot.

    - ありがとうございます。

  • - You're welcome.

    - どういたしまして

  • - Hey Taylor, can I borrow your pencil sharpener?

    - テイラー 鉛筆削りを貸してくれないか?

  • - Yea sure, Melvin.

    - そうだな、メルビン

  • Suspect will require a pencil sharpening tool to convert the writing stick into a weapon.


  • By inserting the yellow thing into the green thing, the dull thing will turn into a sharp thing.


  • He will then proceed to jump behind his target while she is pre-occupied,


  • and apply a fatal impending weapon into her jugular artery!

    彼女の頸動脈に 致命的な武器を使うんだ!

  • - There you go.

    - これでいいわ

  • - Give the sharpener back.

    - シャープナーを返せ

  • - What's your problem?

    - 何が問題なの?

  • - What do you take me for, a fresh--man?

    - 俺を何だと思ってるんだ?フレッシュマンか?

  • Give the sharpener back.


  • - Jose, what are you doing?

    - ホセ 何をしてる?

  • - Fine, Jeez.

    - いいだろう。

  • - What was that all about Jose?

    - ホセとは何だったんだ?

  • - Don't worry, I got you. "Hose B".

    - 心配しないで、私はあなたを持っています。"ホースB"

  • - Alright, class, that's it.

    - よし、クラス、それだけだ。

  • Remember, Chapter 15! Read it... or not, it's your future.


  • Oh by the way, pop quiz next week! You guys know the drill.


  • Oh, Taylor, I'll need to speak with you after class, if you have a moment.

    ああ テイラー 授業の後に話があるの 時間があれば

  • Good work today, guys. I was kidding.


  • Remember these days, kids. You will miss them.


  • See you tomorrow!


  • Hey, Taylor, I want to talk to you about the... the homecoming dance.

    ねえ テイラー 話があるの... ホームカミング・ダンスについて

  • I know it is kinda a thing that you are planning with the student council.


  • But we do have a lot of volunteering that is coming up, you know,


  • make sure you still have time to do that.


  • - No, definitely, it should be fine.

    - いや、間違いなく、大丈夫だろう。

  • We are almost done planning.


  • - Okay alright, I trust you. You're not like the other bastards in this class.

    - 分かったよ 信じてる君はこのクラスの他の野郎とは違う

  • You're the good one.


  • - Thanks, I appreciate it. Is that it?

    - ありがとうございます。これでいいのか?

  • - Alright I'll see you later. - Bye.

    - 分かったわ また後でね- じゃあね

  • - Don't you ever do that again.

    - 二度とするなよ

  • - Excuse me?

    - 何だって?

  • - I said, don't you ever do that again.

    - 二度とするなと言ったんだ

  • Keeping Taylor in the room alone is not safe.


  • - Oh yea, I forgot, you are right.

    - そうそう、忘れてました、あなたの言う通りです。

  • I didn't know what I was thinking otherwise I'll be... Who the hell are you?


  • - Well, I am the new kid, remember?

    - 俺は新入りなんだ、覚えてるか?

  • You just introduced me.


  • - Get the hell out of my class!

    - 私のクラスから出て行け!

  • - I am glad that we had this talk.

    - このような話ができてよかったです。

  • - Hey there, son.

    - やあ、息子よ

  • I am glad I found you.


  • I hope you enjoyed your first day of school so far.


  • I just wanted to give you your new locker assignment.


  • Actually, you are quite lucky, a new one just opened up the other day.


  • - Oh, hey!

    - お、おい!

  • Wow, your locker is next to mine.


  • I wonder where Billy went.


  • - Yea, strange huh, Ha ha ha ha...

    - イェー、変なハァ、ハァ、ハァ、ハァ、ハァ、ハァ、ハァ、ハァ、ハァ、ハァ、ハァ、ハァ、ハァ...。

  • - Well if we gonna see each other this much,

    - これだけ会うことになったら

  • why don't we just start over?


  • Hi, Jose, I'm Taylor. Nice to meet you.

    ホセ テイラーよよろしく

  • - Nice to meet you too.

    - こちらこそよろしくお願いします。

  • - It's called a handshake, Jose.

    - 握手だよ ホセ

  • You're so silly, it's like you've never made a friend before.


  • - "You will follow orders!" - "Ahhh..."

    - "命令に従え!"- "ああ...

  • - Hey Taylor!

    - ヘイ テイラー!

  • - Oh hey, what's up, how are you?

    - おやおや、元気だったか?

  • - I'm good. Did you finish that paper in English?

    - 私は大丈夫です。英語の論文は終わったのか?

  • - No, not yet, it is due soon? In two days...

    - いや、まだだ、もうすぐかな?2日後には...

  • Suspect from across the hall examines his target, his eyes indicate he is aiming for the most exposed and vital area, her chest.

    ホールの向こうの容疑者は ターゲットを調べています 彼の目は最も露出の多い重要な場所 彼女の胸を狙っていることを示しています

  • Only 3 steps away from pumping her with barrages of bullet punches straight to her ribcages that will no doubt stop her heart forever for life!


  • - What are you looking at?!

    - 何を見ているんだ!

  • - Bye Jose!

    - さようならホセ!

  • - Bye!

    - さようなら!

  • - I said, what were you looking at?

    - 何を見てたの?

  • - Chill out, Man, I'm just checking out Taylor's rack, she is looking especially hot today.

    - 冷静になって テイラーのラックをチェックしてる 彼女は今日は特にホットだな

  • - Her rack?

    - 彼女のラック?

  • - Yea, man, her knockers.

    - 彼女のノッカーズだ

  • - So you were trying to knock her!

    - 彼女を倒そうとしたのか!

  • - No, man, I am talking about her boobs!

    - いや、オッパイの話だよ!

  • - You know, these things?

    - こういうのって

  • - Oh, okay then, as long as you were not looking at that ribcage.

    - 胸郭を見ていない限りはね

  • You stay the hell away from that ribcage!


  • - Bryson! New guy!

    - ブライソン!新入り!

  • - I'm gonna destroy you!

    - 破壊してやる!

  • Your face is gonna be so ugly when I am done with your face, cause... it's kinda handsome right now.


  • Ah.....!


  • - I wasn't ready! I want a rematch!

    - 準備ができていなかった!再戦だ!

  • Target is greatly outnumbered by opposition, each of them possesses some sort of netted-stick weapon.


  • Surrounded and unaware, she is vulnerable to attacks from all directions!


  • - Jose? Where did you come from?

    - ホセ?どこから来た?

  • - You almost took a shuttlecock to the face.

    - 危うく顔面を殴られそうになった。

  • - But how did you...?

    - でも、どうやって...?

  • - What are you doing?! Come on! Let me go!

    - 何をしているんだ?何してるんだ?放して!

  • How did I even get here?! Let me go! Come on!


  • - How did you do that?

    - どうやってやったの?

  • - He's like... incredibly fast and strong.

    - 彼は...信じられないほど速くて強いんだ

  • - He's like a mystical creature that is fast and strong.

    - 神秘的な生き物のような速さと強さを持っています。

  • - I know, right? He's like a... a unicorn!

    - そうだよね?彼はまるで...ユニコーンだ!

  • - But a human... a "humacorn".

    - しかし、人間...「ヒューマコーン」。

  • - Stop it guys, he's just different.

    - みんなやめてくれ、彼は違うだけだ。

  • - He's a freak.

    - 彼は変人です。

  • - I don't know, I think he is kinda cute the way he takes everything so seriously.

    - 何事にも真面目に取り組んでいる姿がなんだか可愛いですね。

  • - It's kinda creepy... don't you think?

    - なんか気持ち悪い...そう思わない?

  • - He's harmless, he's like a little puppy that just wants all your attention.

    - 彼は無害で、あなたの注意を引きたいだけの小さな子犬のようなものです。

  • - A "humacoruppy"!

    - フマコルッピー」に!

  • - You girls are ridiculous. Let's go.

    - お前らは馬鹿げている行きましょう

  • - I think Taylor has a crush.

    - テイラーは片思いしてると思う

  • "High school students are the most dangerous and misunderstood citizens that you will ever come across!"


  • - What happened?

    - 何があったの?

  • - Slippery floors...

    - 滑りやすい床...

  • - What?

    - 何だと?

  • - Probably didn't see the "Piso Mojado" sign...

    - おそらく「ピソ・モハド」の看板を見なかったのだろう...

  • - What?

    - 何だと?

  • - Yea, let's just...

    - そうだな...

  • - But what about my...

    - でも私の...

  • - Uhh... yea, so I hope you have a good first day at school.

    - あー...そうだね、学校での初日が良いものになるといいね。

  • - You're still alive, so it's a great day.

    - まだ生きていたんだから、今日はいい日だ。

  • - Okay, I'll see you later.

    - じゃあ、また後でね。

  • Oh, are you coming this way too?


  • - Hey, so I was talking to Mr. Anderson about the event coming right after homecoming.

    - アンダーソンさんと話してたんですがホームカミングの後にイベントがあるんですが

  • I am gonna need a lot of help planing that event. I don't know how...


  • - No...!

    - いや...

  • - Ah..! Oh my god!

    - ああ...!何てこった!

  • Get out of my room!


  • - Don't throw things... No!

    - 物を投げるな...(吉森) ダメだ!

  • - Get away from me! Ah...!

    - あっち行け!ああ...

  • - Alright, I am not gonna hurt you.

    - わかったわ 傷つけたりしないわよ

  • You just need to... just calm down, Okay?

    ただ...落ち着くんだ いいな?

  • - Okay...

    - そうか...

  • - Are you trying to get yourself killed?

    - 自分が殺されるのを狙っているのか?

  • Did you know what you just almost did but didn't do because I didn't let you do what you wanted to do?


  • - Yes?

    - 何か?

  • - No! You don't!

    - 勘弁してくれ!駄目だ!

  • Do you know what this is?


  • This is Little Miss Double Rainbow Girly Cookies and you almost eat them all the way.


  • You don't even know who has handled this or who could have poisoned this.


  • - What?

    - 何だと?

  • - Look, I've been trying to stay undercover but you are making this too damn difficult.

    - 潜入捜査をしてたんだが 君のせいで大変な事になってる

  • First, first you handed over a pencil sharpener to someone with a pencil.


  • Do you wanna get stab in the neck?


  • And then, you almost took a shuttle cock to your face. Do you know how much that hurts?


  • Have you ever have a shuttle cock to your face before? No, you haven't. It hurts, I know.


  • Now you are eating cookies, you're eating cookies! Do you wanna get poisoned?...And fat?


  • Your carelessness is driving me insane!


  • - I am driving you insane?

    - 私が発狂させてるの?

  • My friends are right.. you are a freak...


  • I know exactly what you are...


  • - Oh you do, alright then say it, say it out loud.

    - ああ、そうだな、そうだな、ならば、声を大にして言ってくれ。

  • - Unicorn...

    - ユニコーン...

  • - What? Unicorns don't even exist, in North America, probably.

    - 何だと?ユニコーンなんて存在しないよ、北米にはね。

  • - Then who... What are you?

    - じゃあ誰が...あなたは何者なの?

  • - Alright look, I am gonna be completely honest with you.

    - 正直に言うと...

  • I'm not really a Mexican. My name is not Jose, it's Aiden.

    俺はメキシコ人じゃない俺の名前はホセじゃない エイデンだ

  • And I'm an A.S.S.


  • - Yea, you are.

    - そうだな

  • - No, you don't understand. Look, I am in the final stages of becoming an Agent of Secret Stuff.

    - いいえ、あなたは分かっていない。いいか、俺は最終段階にいるんだ、秘密のエージェントになるための。

  • And my last mission was to come here and protect you.


  • - Protect me? From who?

    - 私を守る?誰から?

  • - The S.I.N.S.!

    - S.I.N.S.!?

  • - Is this all just to get me to go to church?

    - 私を教会に行かせるため?

  • - Oh my god... You're stupid.

    - 何てこった...お前はバカだな。

  • Alright, okay, here, here is the whole story.


  • Back in WWII, a group of fleeing Nazi special agents formed a society of assassins to secretly revenge the Axis of power. This group is called the Society Involving No-so-good Stuff.

    第二次世界大戦に戻ります ナチスの特殊工作員から逃亡したグループが 密かに権力の枢軸に復讐するために 暗殺者の協会を結成しましたこのグループは、「ダメなものを巻き込む会」と呼ばれています。

  • One of the assassins only known as X when he could no longer support such a war in the world... fled the S.I.N.S. and started his own group of killers to battle all the S.I.N.S. plans.


  • They were known as the Agent of Secret Stuff. That's me.


  • The battle between A.S.S. and S.I.N.S. still continues today,


  • and you are the S.I.N.S.'s latest target, to which I am assigned to prevent you from being killed.


  • - But why me?

    - でも、なぜ私が?

  • - I have no idea why, but I never question my orders.

    - なぜかはわからないが、自分の命令に疑問を抱くことはない。