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  • There are many simple things in the world, shovels.

  • They're all different.

  • Gardening shovel.

  • Unloading shovel.

  • Children shovel.

  • But there is also a different shovel.

  • We use it when we come to the position.

  • In short time, it helps us dig a trench, which saves us from bullets.

  • If a tank goes past over the trench, there's a high probability that it will not cause any harm to the soldier.

  • We dig in the ground, deeper,

  • and then connect the trenches with our friends to the left.

  • And in just a few hours, trenches are all connected.

  • When we do not have an axe, we can use a shovel to cut a loaf of bread.

  • A soldier uses the shovel as a paddle, crossing the wide river on the enemy fire.

  • If we're out of ammunition, we'll use a shovel again.

  • And then we'll move on.

  • And then we get the order to stop,

  • we'll take a shovel again, and build around us a impregnable fortress.

  • This fortress is defended by the army of Ukraine, our army.

  • Ukrainian Ground Forces, on guard of our land.

There are many simple things in the world, shovels.


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歩兵のバラード (The Ballad of the infantry)

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