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What's up Food Tube? This is DJ Barbecue here
to cook up the almighty one pan Philly Cheese Steak.
DJ BBQ style.
We are talking steak, onions, mushrooms, cheese
in a beautiful roll with mayonnaise.
MDAUD97 you asked for it and you got it man!
Thanks because I do love making this lovely, tasty sandwich.
It reminds me of home and doing road trips to Philadelphia.
We got a pan cam. With *argh*
Just kidding, pan cam. I thought I mess with you.
We haven't turn this thing on.
Let's get medium to hot heat rockin'.
We got this lovely, lovely Skirt Steak.
It's the belly cut from the cow.
I like to cook my Skirt, you know, flank but vet.
One has got the flavour,
two, it's a cheaper cut of meat.
So... We got some olive oil, get on both sides.
And now our sea salt.
And then we put the pepper on at the end.
Because then we don't burn the pepper.
Because pepper can go accurate.
So, I'm gonna give the hands a bit of a wash.
Gimme one second y'all.
OK, so the pan is nice and hot.
So I'll add a bit of olive oil in there.
You guys like that pan cam?
Let's get the onion all going.
I always take them a bit longer than you should.
A pre burnt.
I think they go sweeter.
How do you like your onions?
Now, we are going to add these beautiful Skirt Steaks.
Right down the middle.
You go there,
and you go there.
And now, my favourite bit.
Of the sandwich. My favourite thing.
Mushrooms, man!
I love them.
They soak up all the juicy flavours and give it back to your palate, man!
Thank you, mushrooms!
Get in there, dudes.
The thing about mushrooms is the full of moisture.
So I tend to keep them separate until you get some colour on your onions.
I'm gonna add a little pinch of salt.
And add a little bit of pepper.
To our mushrooms.
Now the mushrooms are going to join the onions.
Don't be afraid to party, guys. Ok?
So you've got Fishbone playing New GLY and you ain't gonna alibi
you're just ugly.
But you're not. You're beautiful.
Everybody is beautiful.
So they are going to be over here.
The steaks are cooking. The veggies are rocking in there.
I got to go to Philadelphia to watch The Cure.
Tell me thi.s
Boys don't cry.
What year do you guys think it came out?
Boys don't cry.
What do you think Louie?
79! No one goes in the 70's!
Louie! Spoiling the surprise!
You're too knowledgeable, Louie!
Such a young buck... OK!
Look at this.
You want a traditional sub roll from Planet Breadatron.
Our veggies are done.
Our steak is cooked.
So we are gonna let them rest.
Now I'm gonna add a pinch of pepper.
The freshy cracky pepper go spicy!
I'm gonna carve these bad boys up.
I'm cutting this to grain so it's easier to chew.
Nice and tender.
Oh, yeah.
We are gonna throw our lovely steak in. Boom!
There's our lovely fried onions and mushrooms.
We are not done.
What's the most important ingredient within a Philly Cheese Steak?
That's right, man! Cheese!
Roper cheese!
We have this big hunk of awesomeness that we nit
from Jamie. Lovely!
Thanks, Jamie!
It's creamy, it's crumbly. It melts beautifully!
And then, some mayonnaise.
This is a perfect recipe if you're just looking for some
quick and easy. You can do this whole thing in about
10 to 15 minutes. I'm not even kidding you.
Now, you can go that way, you know?
Just pure.
Or you can pimp it out and throw in some lovely tomatoes.
Let's do this!
That Skirt is so tender and juicy, man! Amazing!
Growing up in the suburbs of Washington DC.
Road trips to Philadelphia for The Cure gigs.
And I had that classic Philly Cheese Steak and that is just what it is.
Although that one tastes a tiny bit better.
I'm just kidding!
Don't come after you, Philadelphia!
You guys do a really good Cheese Steak.
I'm DJ BBQ, if you guys have not subscribed to Food Tube
there's a button right there.
If you haven't subscribed to DJ BBQ, there's a button right there!
Hit those buttons and it's free to subscribe for all things.
Lots of love going out to Philadelphia for coming up
with this tasty, tender treat!
I'm out of here! It's time to snack pack on this tasty, tender, little.
Wanna see more recipes?
If you do, check out my own channel and subscribe.
Do it!


DJ BBQ's Philly Cheese Steak

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