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- What's a healthy amount?
One cookie a day keeps the doctors away?
(upbeat music)
- I don't know why we're here.
- I don't know.
- I was just told there would be candy.
I'm trying to stay away from it,
but everything in moderation, right?
- People are like Kevin, you have a problem,
you like sugary foods too much.
I'm like you know what?
I ain't got no cavities,
so I don't have to worry about that.
- This just looks so good.
It makes me so happy.
- I can smell the sugar.
- I feel like candy's a double edged sword
because it's so delicious,
it's like oh my god, this is wonderful.
But at the same time it's ah I'm gonna kill you,
it's poison, poison, ah!
That's how I feel like.
- Why are you giving us this paper?
- Oh shit.
(intense music)
- There are 60 different names for various forms of sugar
that can be listed on your food's nutritional information.
It might not say sugar, it'll say something else
and I'll think that's okay.
- Wow.
- But they're being sneaky.
- Rice syrup, what the fuck is rice syrup?
I didn't even know rice could produce syrup.
- The average American consumes about 152 pounds
of sugar every year.
- I bet I get 500 pounds of sugar each year.
- Don't judge me, Cane.
- That's a lot of fucking pounds of sugar.
- In clinical trials, the consumption of high levels
of added sugar has been linked
to increased risk for obesity, type two diabetes,
I could believe that, high cholesterol,
I could believe that, hypertension,
I don't know what that is, but I could believe it.
- Oh, these are good.
- Looking at all of this food looks like disease.
- Have you tried these?
- [Cane] No.
- [Male] They're really good.
- This one's really interesting because I think
a lot of people don't realize this is that one tablespoon
of ketchup contains about one teaspoon of sugar.
- Oh, what?
- How many people consume ketchup?
- [Cane] This is the thing I'm most sad about.
- I think I have sugar high and I (laughs)
got the sugar energy, you know what I mean?
- You had one Snickers.
- I know, that's all I needed, baby.
- Eating excess sugar can lead to insulin resistance
which can raise one's risk of developing certain tumors,
in particular, breast and colon cancer.
- Well, I was gonna take a bite, but not anymore.
- They could list sugar in one of 60 ways
and you could never know what you're really putting
in your body, 'cause they don't want you to know.
It's a conspiracy.
- It's a conspiracy.
- They want you to stay addicted.
- It's cocaine.
- And this is what's happening.
- Adding one regular soda to your diet every day
could result in 15 pounds of added weight in three years.
- What?
- They put warnings on things like cigarettes
and other unhealthy things,
but they don't put a warning on sugar.
- The fact that all of this proof exists
and yet so little is done to combat it
is really distressing.
- Now that I've read through the facts I'm like,
oh I really need to be careful.
- After reading all these facts and just looking
at this pile of candy in front of me,
I'm just like, no thank you.
And that's a huge thing for me.
- So, you promise to quit sugar?
- I'm not saying that.
(upbeat music)


Candy Lovers Learn Disturbing Sugar Facts While Eating Candy

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