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  • Hey everybody. Welcome to Storyline Online

    皆さん、こんにちは。 ストーリーライン・オンラインへようこそ

  • brought to you by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation.


  • My name is Chris Pine


  • and today we are reading the wonderful book Clark the Shark


  • written by Bruce Hale and illustrated by guy Francis. Let us begin.

    ブルース・ヘイルが書き、フランシスがイラストを描きました。 始めよう

  • In all the wide blue seas, in all the wide blue world,


  • the top school for fish was the Theodore Roosterfish Elementary.


  • And of all the fish at Theodore Roosterfish, the biggest and the strongest was Clark the Shark.


  • Clark loved school, and he loved his teacher, Mrs. Inkydink.


  • He loved to play upsy-downsy and spinna-ma-jig with his friends. Clark loved his life.

    彼は友達とアップシーダウンシーやスピナ・マ・ジグをするのが大好きでした。 クラークは自分の人生を愛していました。

  • SCHOOL IS AWESOME!” shouted Clark the Shark.

    "SCHOOL IS AWESOME!"とクラーク・ザ・シャークは叫んだ。

  • Less shouting, more reading,” said Mrs. Inkydink.

    "叫ぶことを減らし、読書を増やす "と、インキディンク夫人は言いました。

  • "LUNCHTIME IS SWEEEEET!" yelled Clark the Shark.

    "LUNCHTIME IS SWEEEEET!"とサメのクラークは叫んだ。

  • "Munch your own lunch," said his best friend, Joey Mackerel.

    "自分のお弁当をムシャムシャ食べる "と、親友のジョーイサバが言っていました。

  • "RECESS ROCKS!" bellowed Clark the Shark.

    "RECESS ROCKS!"とクラーク・ザ・シャークが咆哮した。

  • "You are playing too rough, Clark!" cried the other kids.


  • Yes, Clark loved his life with all of his sharky heart.


  • But he loved everything way too much.


  • He was too loud. He was too wild.

    彼はあまりにもうるさかった。 彼はあまりにも野生的だった。

  • He was just too much shark for the other fish to handle.


  • After a while, no one would play with Clark. No one ate lunch with Clark.


  • No one sat with him at circle time. Even his best friend, Joey Mackerel, said,


  • Cool your jets, Clark! Youre making me crazy!”

    "冷静になれ クラーク!気が狂いそうだ!"

  • One day, Clark asked Mrs. Inkydink, “What’s wrong with everyone?”

    ある日、クラークはインキディンク夫人に "みんなどうしたの?"と尋ねた。

  • Mrs. Inkydink patted his fin.


  • Clark, sometimes you play too hard, you munch too hard, andgoshyou even help too hard.”

    "クラーク 時には遊びすぎて ムシャムシャしたり 助けすぎたり"

  • But life is SO exciting!” said Clark.


  • There’s a time and a place for everything,” said Mrs. Inkydink.

    "何事にも時と場所がある "とインキディンク夫人は言った。

  • And sometimes the rule is stay cool.”


  • At recess, Clark tried to stay cool, but he pushed the swing with too much zing!


  • Sorry,” said Clark. “I forgot.”

    "ごめんね "とクラークは言った"忘れてた"

  • Yikes!” cried Joey Mackerel.


  • At lunch, Clark tried to stay cool, but everything smelled so good that he munched a bunch of lunches.


  • Sorry,” said Clark. “I forgot.” “Were STARVING!” said his friends.

    "ごめんね "とクラークは言った"忘れてた""私たちは飢えている!"と彼の友人は言った。

  • In class, Clark tried to stay cool, but a good book got him all shook up.


  • Now, Clark!” said Mrs. Inkydink. “This isn’t the time or the place. Tell me, what’s the rule?”

    "クラーク!" インキディンク夫人は言った"今はそんな時でも場所でもありません。"教えてください、ルールは何ですか?"

  • Stay cool,” said Clark. “Hey, that rhymes!” he cried.

    "冷静さを保て "とクラークは言った。"おい、それは韻を踏んでいるぞ!"と彼は叫んだ。

  • Then Clark got a big idea in his sharky head.


  • Maybe if I make a rhyme, I’ll remember every time! he thought.

    韻を踏めば毎回覚えているかもしれない! と思ったそうです。

  • The next day, he put his plan to work.


  • In class, when lessons got exciting, Clark wanted to bounce up out of his seat.


  • Instead, he told himself: “When teacher’s talking, don’t go walking.”

    代わりに自分に言い聞かせた"先生が話している時は 歩いてはいけない" と自分に言い聞かせた

  • And what do you know? It worked!


  • Attaboy, Clark!” said Mrs. Inkydink. Clark smiled. “Lessons are fun!”


  • At lunch, everything smelled sooo yummy.


  • When Clark wanted to eat and eat and never stop, he told himself: “Only munch your own lunch.”


  • And it worked again! “Way to go, Clark!” said his friends.

    そしてまた成功した!"よくやった クラーク!"と友人たちは言っていました。

  • Clark grinned. “Lunch is fun.”


  • At playtime, Clark told himself: “Easy does it, that’s the way.

    遊びの時間に、クラークは自分に言い聞かせた。"イージーはそれをする、それが方法だ "と。

  • Then my friends will let me play.”


  • And playtime was fun. Once more, Clark loved his life.


  • But then a shadow fell across the playground


  • a gi-normous shadow with tentacles galore.


  • It’s a new kid, and he looks scary!” cried Joey Mackerel. “Swim for your lives!”


  • The squid squashed the slide, and it snapped off the swings.


  • Oops. My bad,” said the new kid.


  • Wait,” said Clark. “He just wants to play. Let’s find a way!”

    "待って "とクラークは言った。"彼は遊びたいだけだ。何か方法を見つけよう!」

  • And he swam at the new kid with all his might.


  • Clark played harder than he ever had beforeupsy-downsy and spinna-ma-jig.


  • Why, he even made up a new game: tail-whump-a-lumpus!


  • Wow, that was fun,” said the new kid breathlessly, and he settled down.

    "うわぁ、楽しかったよ "と息巻いて、新子は落ち着きました。

  • If you want to come to school, youve got to stay cool,” said Clark.

    "学校に来たければ、冷静でいなければならない "とクラークは言った。

  • That’s right, Clark,” said Mrs. Inkydink.

    "その通りだよ、クラーク "とインキディンク夫人は言った。

  • And thanks for taking care of our new classmate, Sid the Squid.”


  • Hooray for Clark the Shark!” everyone cheered.


  • That night Clark’s mother asked, “What did you learn at school, dear?”

    その夜 クラークの母親が尋ねた "学校で何を学んだの?"

  • There’s a time and a place for everything,” Clark said.

    "何事にも時と場所がある "とクラークは言った。

  • Sometimes you stay cool.”


  • But sometimes a shark’s gotta do what a shark’s gotta do.”


  • The end.


  • That was Clark the Shark everybody.


  • I think it speaks to all of us.


  • It talks about how we all want to do what we want to do , right?


  • We want to be ourselves.


  • and we want to yell when we want to yell and play and laugh and have a good time.


  • But as Mrs. Inkydink said, there's a time and a place for everything.


  • And there is a time and a place to be considerate of other people's feelings.


  • I think the lesson is: Be considerate.


  • Thank you so much for watching Storyline Online.


  • Make sure to check out all of the other stories.


  • Keep watching and keep reading.


Hey everybody. Welcome to Storyline Online

皆さん、こんにちは。 ストーリーライン・オンラインへようこそ

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