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  • Oh my god, congratulations!

  • Thank you, thank you

  • Did you have any idea?

  • No, I mean, you know Scott

  • "I sure do love a good surprise"

  • Ugh, I gotta get me a Southern boy

  • [Beep]

  • 911, what's your emergency?

  • Please help me, he's killed everyone, I'm the only one left

  • What is your exact location?

  • 75 Lemoyne Street in Echo Park

  • Please hurry oh my god please hurry

  • Okay, help is on the way. Who am I speaking with?

  • Emily, Emily Brookman

  • Okay Emily, I need you to stay on the line with me

  • Can you tell me what's going on?

  • My friend texted me from her date, she-she wanted me to pick her up, and I got here and-and

  • it was all dark and then I... I heard her screaming so, so I went in. And there were

  • all these girls, all these dead girls. And then I heard him walking in so I hid with

  • the bodies

  • How many bodies?

  • I don't know there were so many I couldn't tell. Please help me

  • [footsteps]

  • He's coming.

  • Okay, Emily, can you get to an exit?

  • No

  • Do you have anything you can use to defend yourself?

  • No

  • Okay, Emily, the police are on their way, they're almost there, okay? I need you to

  • stay on the line with me, okay?

  • We were supposed to go get french fries

  • What?

  • After bad dates, we go get french fries and orange soda and then we talk about how funny

  • these stories will be when we're married

  • [door creaks open]

  • Oh my god, he's here

  • [screams]

  • Well, well, well. I sure do love a good surprise

  • [screaming]

  • Oh my god, somebody please help me--

  • [line goes dead, dial tone]

Oh my god, congratulations!


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A2 初級

緊急通報 - ショートフィルム (Emergency Call - Short film)

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    謝貝利 に公開 2021 年 01 月 14 日