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How do you understand those little abbreviations like this one, this one, and this one?
Oh my God.
It's so annoying.
Now, you shouldn't say any of these out loud, it would sound strange.
This is really just text speak or in an e-mail for shorthand when you can't spell the whole word.
So don't say them in real life.
They mean the same thing, they're just an expression of saying something's funny.
So LOL means "laugh out loud".
Although we don't really mean laugh out loud.
Usually, LOL is just like a...
LOL you're the funniest boyfriend ever!
LMAO means "laugh my ass off"
LMAO! No, no, YOU'RE the funniest girlfriend ever!
STFU, "shut the fuck up".
When someone's talking too much, and you just want to say "Oh my God, stop talking!"
I love you but please STFU.
What's that?
"By the way".
For example,
BTW it's my birthday today. You remembered right?
SMH. What does SMH mean?
SMH stands for "shake my head".
This is when you're disappointed in something, like, (sighs and shakes head).
For example,
Where are you taking me for my birthday dinner?
Today is your birthday?! Sorry I forgot!
FFS. What does that mean?
FFS mean "for fuck's sake".
Oh my God, I can't believe this is happening. This is the worst thing to happen ever.
Happy birthday! We need you to work today! Sorry! -Your boss.
Oh FFS!!
TBH. What do you think it means?
It means "to be honest".
When you want to be honest with someone, be frank, be direct,
in a text message or e-mail, whatever, that's what you use.
For example.
What do you think of my new pink gloves?
If you ask someone's opinion about your new pink gloves.
The reply could be,
TBH it's not your color.
WTF. That one's really easy.
It means "what the fuck".
So for example, if you're very disappointed with someone's reply,
like this. Then you could use WTF.
What the hell is like, the more polite way of saying it.
You can use both. WTH is fine. WTF is stronger.
OMG. Everyone knows this one.
"Oh my God".
AF. What does that mean?
It means "as fuck".
There's a lot of swearing in this video, I just realized.
For example, if it's very cold, you could say
"It's cold AF".
When you're just going away for a short time and then coming back,
you might want to say "BRB".
I'm going to pee. BRB!
And finally, IRL.
What do you think this means?
Let's get a bit interactive here.
My friends from Interactive English will help with this one.
If you think IRL means "in rhino land", click here.
If you think IRL means "I really love", or "I really like", click here.
If you think IRL means "in real life", click my head.



LMAO?よく使う英語の略語の意味(How to understand Texting Abbreviations!!)

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