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Hi guys!
So, it's the Easter Long Weekend
and today is Good Friday.
We decided to...
...escape the city for the weekend
and we've come out to the
Souther Highlands.
So, we're kinda near Kangaroo Valley
in New South Wales
which is about 2.5 hours from Sydney.
So, we're here for 4 days, 3 nights
and we're at a place called Eco Olive Farmstay.
So, it's a house that's in the rural area of New South Wales
and it's basically a farm.
And we get to stay here
and we get to feed the animals
and they also have an olive farm,
that's why they call it Eco Olive.
And so we get to
pick our own olives later as well.
We don't know what we're going to do,
we're probably gonna do some hiking,
or we're gonna do a bit of exploring.
So, I'll show you guys what we get up to.
Eco Olive Farmstay
is an 80 acre property
nestled between the Southern Tablelands and Southern Highlands.
This area
is in the rural region of New South Wales
famous for it's historical country towns
as well as cool temperate climate.
As it was a public holiday long weekend,
we were very fortunate
to come across this farmstay on the Stayz website.
The house contains 3 bedrooms
and can accommodate up to 10 people.
It's been a while since I've shared a bunk!
We have our own little campfire area.
So, if the weather's nice tonight, we're going to set up a bonfire.
If you look out here, the view, is amazing.
Oh, and over here, this is where we're staying.
In this house right there.
This was our first time staying on a farm
and it was such a nice relaxing experience,
for both the little one
and the young at heart.
As well as the big kid.
It was so calming
watching the sheep playing in the fields,
wandering through the beautiful gardens
and trying to understand
the behaviour of cows.
Waiting for us to move back because they want to cross.
They're a bit worried
Look! They're going now.
Look, they're all going now.
It's okay guys.
We also saw
one of the most beautiful sunsets.
And of course,
we ended the night
with a campfire
under the stars.
It's 6am in the morning now.
We're just out here trying to catch the sunrise.
But, I don't think we're gonna have any luck
cos look at all this fog.
Look, we can still see the moon though.
On our second day on the farm,
we decided to head down to the nearby town
of Goulburn.
Where we had lunch, at this local cafe.
Food was decent,
but to be honest,
service wasn't great
and I even found plastic in my food.
let's not go there.
We spent the rest of the day
just lazing about
and enjoying the peace and quiet of nature.
We ended the night
with this amazing roast dinner
that our friends prepared.
On our third day,
we woke up nice and early
to join the host of the farmstay
to feed the animals.
We even got to collect
some freshly laid eggs.
It was so much fun
riding on the back of the ute
out to the paddocks
to feed the cows,
the sheep and the alpacas.
If you like animals like we do,
you will have so much fun.
Have you ever been this close to an alpaca?
The animals are so friendly
that even the little ones
will have a blast.
After a little bit of a break
we headed out in the afternoon
to the olive grove
to pick some olives.
There are roughly 1400 olive trees
on the farm
that are available for harvest
during April and May.
The olives need to be cured with salt
before eating.
So we took plenty home
to remember our time on the farm.
Thanks for watching guys,
don't forget to like and subscribe
and for more travel and food inspiration.
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See you in the next video.


3 Night Easter Weekend Escape - I fed an alpaca! ♥ ♥

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