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  • With its friendly bug eyes and outline reminiscent of a Smart car,

  • this vehicle wouldn't look out of place as a character in a children's cartoon.

  • But it is actually the latest robotic security, and could soon be replacing manned guards at a factory near you.

  • The O-R3 is a four-wheeled security robot, designed to patrol large outdoor areas without human guidance.

  • It navigates by itself with array of sensors, including laser scanners and GPS.

  • But what if it's faced with an agile cat burglar who can escape over a fence?

  • This little machine has an answer, tucked away in a secret compartment:

  • a drone that can pursue intruders over difficult terrain.

  • OTSAW Digital says its machine uses advanced facial recognition technology,

  • and can tell the difference between authorized personnel and intruders.

  • The company's hoping to replace human security guards,

  • in its home country of Singapore, where the government is backing a drive to expand the use of robot in services.

  • But don't expect traffic jam of security robots anytime soon.

  • The O-R3 may be packed with the impressive technology,

  • but it also comes with a hefty price tag, $10,000 U.S. dollars a month.

  • Jeevan Vasagar, Financial Times, Singapore.

With its friendly bug eyes and outline reminiscent of a Smart car,


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シンガポールのロボット警備車 (Singapore's robot security car)

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