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  • It looks great, it's pretty easy to do and you can fill it with sweets to surprise someone.

  • Start, by taking a bottle of coke. Open it up,

  • and pour out the drink.

  • Then wash out the bottle under the tap,

  • Make sure it's perfectly dry inside.

  • And carefully remove the label.

  • Keep it to one side because we will be using this later.

  • Next I'm going to heat some water up in a pan.

  • Place in a bowl as a bain-marie, ready to melt some chocolate.

  • Open up your chocolate,

  • Break it into pieces,

  • And place it into the bowl.

  • When it's all melted, remove the bowl from the pan.

  • Place a funnel into the bottle,

  • and pour in the chocolate.

  • Next, we need to slowly tilt and rotate the bottle to completely coat the inside.

  • Make sure the entire inside is covered

  • and leave it to dry.

  • As it's setting, you need to regularly spin the bottle to make a nice, thick, even layer.

  • Once the chocolate has completely set,

  • You can fill it with sweets, or candy.

  • I'm putting in these chocolate mini eggs.

  • Put them in through the hole in the top,

  • and fill it up as much as you like.

  • I'm filling mine right to the top.

  • Next, take a sharp knife,

  • And start cutting through the plastic to remove it from the chocolate.

  • Go slowly and try not to leave any scratch marks on the chocolate.

  • Once you've got it started, you might find you can carefully rip the bottle off.

  • I took the top half off first,

  • Then worked on the bottom half.

  • Once you've removed it all you can tidy up any blemishes with some kitchen paper.

  • Re-attach the label you took off earlier,

  • And place on the lid.

  • And that's our chocolate coke bottle complete.

  • Pretty cool, huh?

  • You can take the lid off and try to tip out whatever is inside.

  • Or lay it down.

  • And break your way through the chocolate.

  • You could give it to someone instead of a chocolate Easter egg.

  • And fill it with these mini eggs.

  • It looks really cool and its great fun to make.

  • I hope you've enjoyed watching this video,

  • If you want to see more you can click on the links on the right hand side,

  • Or take a look at my youtube channel page.

  • Stay safe, have fun and as always, thanks for watching!

It looks great, it's pretty easy to do and you can fill it with sweets to surprise someone.


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チョコレートコカ・コーラボトルシェイプ - イースターエッグサプライズ (Chocolate Coca Cola Bottle Shape - Easter Egg Surprise)

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