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How your writing is marked. This is a writing answer sheet that you'll have in
an IELTS exam. Look at the bottom of the page. You can see that there are four
marking criteria used to assess your writing. The first criterion is task
achievement for task 1 and task response for task 2. In task 1 it
assesses if you answered all the instructions given in the question and
how accurately you met the requirements of the question. For example, in task 1
the question paper says you should write at least 150 words. To get a good mark in
task achievement, you should do so. If the first task gives you three bullet points,
then you need to provide a clear response that fully covers all of them.
If the question in task 1 asks you to start a letter with "Dear sir," leaving you
with no other options to start your letter with, then you should do so.
Basically, task achievement is all about how accurately and fully you follow and
respond to the instructions given on the question paper. In task 2 this first
criterion 'task response' assesses if you answered the question, had a clear argument
developed then supported, clearly gave your own opinion when asked and
presented your ideas in a good structure. The next criterion is coherence and
cohesion. This criterion assesses how logically you present your ideas and how
smoothly your ideas flow to reach a reasonable conclusion. In order to
achieve a high score in this section, you should be capable of using many
different cohesive devices such as using keywords, linking words, referent
words and conjunctions. You also need to make sure to have paragraphs.
Each paragraph should deliver one clear main idea. This criterion is all about
how closely and tightly your ideas are linked together to present a convincing
argument in a logical way. The third criterion is lexical resource.



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