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Hey everybody!
Today I decided that I was going to make a video about something that I feel is very, very, very important.
This is the average life expectancy of a human being.
Keep in mind this is an approximate number.
It depends where you live in the world and what your lifestyle is like.
So here's where you're born.
Each one of these lines represents ten years.
You might live longer than that.
You might live a little bit shorter than that.
You never really know.
You could die here. You could die here.
I wanted to make this video to show you something.
I hope that this video lights a fire inside of you and gets your butt in gear to pursue that thing that you've been wanting to pursue but you keep putting off, and you keep saying, "oh tomorrow," or "when I have time," or "when the kids are in school," or "when I save up more money."
Let me show you why time is so important.
So, in society, typically, here's what happens:
We're born. We're kids. And then we're teenagers.
And roughly around here, we start to work.
And we work, work, work, work, work.
We keep working all the way until we're 65 years old.
So, as you can see, that is most of your life.
So it is very important to spend this time doing something that you love.
Being a kid is nice. Retiring is nice.
But what about the years in between?
These should not be just a "write-off," and just "waiting for Friday," "just get through it," and "can't wait till retirement", 'cause once those years are gone... they're gone!
What I'm saying is, if you're working at a job that you hate, just for a paycheck, then you need to make a change in your life, because what we know as humans is that we live on earth, and then we die.
Where we go after we die... it's up for debate.
We all have different opinions on that.
You get one shot, one chance.
Make the most of it, and make sure that you are happy with your life.
Unfortunately, we don't have forever, so...
I didn't mean to make this to scare you.
I made it to motivate you, and I want you to get after that thing that you've been wanting to do.
Now is the time. Pursue it. Go after it. You have nothing to lose.
And make all of your years from birth to death meaningful, special, and purposeful.
All the best. Good luck.



見るとやる気が出る!時間を大切にしよう!(MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO - TIME IS PRECIOUS (By Unkle Adams))

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