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  • Have you recently had an accident at work that wasn't your fault?

  • Did you know you could be owed thousands in condensation?

  • Err...Jason... wrong video!

  •, and also that doesn't make any sense!

  • Hey guys! We are Element Animation and we make animated videos on YouTube for you.


  • We want to talk to you about a website called Patreon...

  • Patreon is kind of like an ongoing kickstarter...

  • ...where you guys can pledge a certain amount every time we release a video...

  • ...and you'll get cool stuff in return.

  • - Whoah! Whoah! Whoah!...

  • EVERY video?! What if you release, like... Ummmmm.....7...7's a high number!

  • Well you can set a limit. So no matter how many videos we release...

  •'ll never have to pay more than the limit you've set.

  • To become an Element Animation patron, click the link on the Villager's head!

  • HEY!

  • That will take you to Patreon. Just sign up and type in the amount you want to donate.

  • Oooo!... I like it. But I don't have any money.

  • If you don't have any money, or you don't want to become a patron...

  • ...but you still want to support us, you can do just that...

  • watching our videos, sharing them with your friends and making sure you're subscribed.

  • Subscribe!

  • No!

  • Subscribe!

  • OK.

  • So why do you need money?

  • No Jason, "We"... We need money!

  • I need money?! Is this so I can get a desk grill? So I can make bacon at work?

  • No

  • Awe, but I wanna be able to taste the bacony goodness while I work!

  • Unlike other YouTubers that release videos on a daily basis...

  • ...we're a team and our videos require Artists, Musicians, Voice Actors, Fast Computers...

  • ...up to date Software, Animators and the occasional Hobo...

  • you know, these things require money.

  • But don't you already get money?

  • While we do make some money from YouTube advertisements, it's just not cutting it...

  • ...sometimes, we don't even know if we can make the next video.

  • There's a very real possibility that we might have to stop doing what we do at some point.

  • OH No!

  • With your help, we'll be able to release longer videos.

  • Release videos faster!

  • Hire more animators

  • Get faster computers

  • And!... and buy Jason a desk grill?

  • Eurgh!... and get Jason a desk grill so he can make bacon at work.

  • YEAH! Go! Go now!

  • Wait! What's in it for them?

  • If you become a patron you get some awesome rewards...

  • You'll also be able to access content that only patrons can see.

  • Click the link to see what we're offering.

  • We're not asking you to pay for our videos, we want to keep them FREE for the whole world to see.

  • We're just asking for a little help from you guys. If you're able to.

  • Thanks for hearing us out guys...

  • ...we have some awesome videos planned with some really cool people so...

  • ...make sure you're subscribed.


  • But it's not Christm... SHUT UP AND ROLL THE CREDITS!

  • Copyright © Element Animation 2014

Have you recently had an accident at work that wasn't your fault?


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