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  • The big question surrounding the time of North Korea’s end will be logistics.

  • It won’t be about tactics or themost diplomatic-surgical wayto end the volatile

  • regime.

  • While the scene is that of the super villain who has strapped himself into a chair, booby-trapped

  • with trip wires and armed with explosives, even more important things are going on.

  • Large-scale powers don’t think about micro-tactics, they think about logistics.

  • And, logistics are shaping-up.

  • Social energy is one important logistic.

  • The people of nations involved must see a viable path to support certain action.

  • Navies in the region are burning up tax dollars, something that can’t continue forever.

  • Taiwan is itching for recognition in the world and the world itches for Taiwan to be recognizedand

  • Taiwan is making much more progress than in years past.

  • Then, there is trust.

  • From a PR perspective, China is failing.

  • But, from a spying perspective, China has turf to defend.

  • China’s isolationist policies may seem anti-free speech to the West, but China sees spies to

  • catch and leaks to plug.

  • Trump doesn’t like leaks either.

  • Spies are dangerous.

  • China is willing to kill them while Americans publicly oppose executions while secretly

  • wishing the deaths of their daily enemies.

  • China’s execution and imprisonment of CIA spies caught during the Obama years is very

  • understandable.

  • But, the American public won’t see it that way.

  • This week, a huge ramp went up to alert the public tonewsthat is anything but.

  • China caught and executed CIA spies long ago.

  • It didn’t matter until now, when social support is an important calculation with logistics

  • of war.

  • That explains the Pentagon statements and the newspaper trends in America as well as

  • Europe and Australia.

  • The Western public is being rallied against China.

  • That is significant.

  • Then, there is China’s image with the Koreas.

  • China won’t be too hard on North Korea.

  • China is banning South Korean travel because it doesn’t like the US presence in South

  • Korea.

  • That’s understandable, but not to the pop star fans in South Korea or the United States.

  • When South Korean pop stars tour the US, more young people in the US will become aware of

  • the issues.

  • China could have stopped it, but Beijing still struggles to understand the Western mind.

  • The Korean pop star fans in China might start struggling to understand Beijing’s mind,

  • at least more than in the past.

  • When you turn people away, they don’t just go home, the go elsewhere.

  • That’s not easy to comprehend when youve always gotten what you want and always been

  • told what to want to hear.

  • Whatever China’s problems are or are not, the travel bans make China look worse than

  • it deserves.

  • The real crime was the Shakespearianfatal flaw”: China didn’t understand the West

  • well enough.

  • In a world of growing alliances between sovereign nations, that is an unforgivable sin as far

  • as gravity is concerned.

  • And, with gravity, mercy is too lacking and pain always greater than it should be.

  • But, all is fair in love and in war.

The big question surrounding the time of North Korea’s end will be logistics.


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