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Would you mind joining me in a round of "Do You Hear the People Sing?"
Ah, Admiralty, Hong Kong...
I remember being here two years ago during the Umbrella Movement.
In 2014, the people of Hong Kong -
mainly young people -
took to the streets for 79 days
to protest for their right to directly elect their leader -
Something Beijing promised under the One Country - Two Systems policy
but, spoiler alert: they lied.
I remember it all so clearly.
That's where I slept in a tent.
Right where that BMW is driving by.
Over there, that was the Lennon Wall.
I can almost see student leader, Joshua Wong, giving a rousing speech!
Oh wait... that is Joshua Wong!
Joshua! Joshua!
Hi - hi!
Do you mind if I get an interview with you?
Oh, of course - okay!
Awesome. Can we go somewhere quieter?
Yeah, that side is better.
Alright, let's go - Okay!
Well, Joshua, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed.
What's it like for you to be back here at Admiralty?
It's the place, two years ago, we occupied and create
a miracle, or even the history of Hong Kong.
And it's also a place where now I work,
and because I'm already the assistant of legislator, Nathan Law.
Do you think, some day, they'll build big statues of you?
Uh, it's a bit too far away, in fact.
You're being too modest.
Would you consider another mass movement like the Umbrella?
Next year, March, will be the chief executive election.
I believe it will be a critical point for Hong Kongers
to have a massive social movement
to show our anger to the indifference of Beijing again.
How do you think that will be different from two years ago?
I would say that there's too much uncertainty.
After the Umbrella Movement ended,
with the bookseller incident happened,
kidnapped from Hong Kong to China,
how I've been detained in Bangkok airport
because the Thai government hoped to remain in good relations with China.
And how disqualified two pro-independence legislators.
It seems we already faced the failure of One Country - Two Systems,
And the road to a high degree of autonomy,
the path of Hong Kong to a democracy
is really far away, in fact.
Do you think there's any hope of maintaining One Coutry - Two Systems with the Communist Party?
Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
It's a long-term battle.
I can see the hope from people. But I can't see the hope from Communist Party.
The people are always the trigger pull to create a miracle.
That's why it will be a motivator for me to continue to fight.
I still have hope for Hong Kongers.
And you co-founded a new party, Demosistō.
What are the goals of that party?
What we hope is to push for South determination movement.
We believe Hong Kong has gained the right of self-determination.
To have a democratic procedure or even referendum
to decide the constitution,
and sovereignty of Hong Kong after the end of
15 years unchanged policy,
in 2047.
And what does Demosistō think of Hong Kong independence?
Is that different from self-determination?
In fact, in the policy platform of Demosistō, we do not advocate independence.
But what we do believe is the sovereignty of Hong Kong should be decided
by people in Hong Kong.
Of course, the pro-Beijing force would hope to turn One Country - Two System
into One Country - One system.
But in the referendum, no matter One Country - One System,
One Country - Two System,
complete autonomy or independence,
they can be possible options to let Hong Kongers decide their future.
And in the Demosistō manifesto, it says people should rise up.
Are you sure that's a good idea?
I would say that,
Now Hong Kongers are facing the largest communist regime in the world.
It will be a long term battle,
after the Umbrella Movement ended, we may feel downhearted
and depressed.
But after the legislative election,
and with the positive result of new generation,
and a civil society force to enter the institution,
It proved that we need to continue the fight.
And in America, there's a feeling that young people don't care about politics.
Why is Hong Kong making America look bad?
I would say that,
just like the presidential election,
of course it's hard for the majority
young generation or university student
to involve or support those mainstream candidates.
But how they're involved in the crowdfunding campaign of Bernie Sanders
and already proved that, young people, they may be
dissatisfied with the old or existing
institution, traditional politician.
But they will still hope to gain the new voices and to
get the change to the system.
It's also the reason for me to
found the political party after the end of the Umbrella Movement.
It's necessary for us to keep the momentum and let
people in Hong Kong and the world know that
young generation in Hong Kong will still continue to strike on the street,
but also enter the institution to be the legislator.
So recently, you met with politicians in the US.
What's your hopes for the US getting involved?
The threat of China is not just only affecting people in Hong Kong, China, or Taiwan.
It affects the whole of Southeast Asia or Asia-Pacific.
Just like I've been blacklisted by Malaysia,
and Thai government detained me -
all because they hope to maintain
foreign relationship with China and Beijing government!
So I would say that,
I just urge the international community
to keep their eyes in Hong Kong.
And just like how Senators Rubio and Cotton
have raised the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act
to show the support of the international community
on the democracy movement in Hong Kong.
It will be a positive trend in the future.
Now you and I have both been accused of being in the CIA.
Are you a part of the CIA?
Of course not!
Yeah, they were saying I'm a CIA agent.
And also, claim that I've been controlled,
that I've been receiving training from US Marines...
I just remember the comment of my peers,
"Comparing your body size to Tom Cruise, of course you're not a CIA agent!"
Well, that's exactly what a CIA agent would say.
So what's your view on Yau Wai-ching and Baggio Leung's oath-taking?
I would say that I disagree with using this kind of racist term
to do it for the message in the oath.
If they support Hong Kong independence, they can directly voice out the slogan of,
they can demand Hong Kong independence instead of using this kind of
terms, or words to elaborate on their political stance.
But I would say that the disqualified
by Beijing is just
proving how Beijing
betrayed and ignored their promise in the joint declaration.
Especially on how they
would try to override the judicial system and legislature.
And the whole of the system is just for viewing the interests of Beijing.
And just to clarify for the audience,
When you mentioned the slur, it was the specific use of
the term, "Chee-na,"
Which is what the Japanese used to refer to the Chinese during World War II,
which has become somewhat of a racial slur.
You were refused entry to both Thailand and Malaysia.
Are there other countries that you're banned from visiting?
Of course! Mainland China.
Yeah, and I've been invited by the activist group
in Singapore that supports Amos Yee
but because, due to my personal safety,
I just suggested to have a Skype conference with them
because I don't want to be detained
in Bangkok, in a detention cell again.
Are you concerned for your safety? I know you've gotten
beaten up, bloodied.
It's really inconvenient, being Hong Kongist.
I have been blacklisted by most Southeast Asia countries already.
So no matter,
in the holiday, if I hope to get a trip
overseas, my options are quite limited.
And I know when you were just 18,
Fortune Magazine listed you as one of the greatest leaders in the world.
Do you have any advice for other inspiring great leaders? I'm asking for a friend.
I would say that,
Fortune Magazine in 1997
had a cover story with the title, "The Death of Hong Kong."
But 18 years later, they chose me to be the
"10 Greatest Leaders in the World."
I'm not saying I'm the greatest leader in the world. I actually disagree on this.
But I think it just proves to the world
if you guys think Hong Kong is already dead,
it's wrong.
We face the death of One Country - Two System.
We face the failure of high degree autonomy.
But it's not the death of Hong Kong.
Because Hong Kongers are still passionate,
and have our courage, and will fight for democracy.
One more question:
Would you mind joining me in a round of "Do You Hear the People Sing?"
Do you hear the people sing, Sing the song of angry men?
It's the music of the people who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start When tomorrow comes.
Yeah, I love your YouTube channel.
We got that on camera!
Great! Thanks, Josh.
Subscribe it! Subscribe! Yes! Yes!


The 20-Year-Old Leading the Revolution in Hong Kong | China Uncensored

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