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  • Here we have a kitten that probably has... a couple of regrets.

  • It's managed to attract the crowd of humans, but it doesn't really want their help.

  • He's like "stop fucking pulling on me face!"

  • "I can get myself out of this."

  • "Wh... what is that sound?"

  • "It better not be a bloody vacuum cleaner, seriously."

  • "Okay, look out for my tail."

  • "Don't forget that I have a fucking tail."

  • "You guys don't have one, which means you lacked tail awareness."

  • "So, just go easy with whatever it is you're up to back there."

  • The humans have cut through now.

  • Ohh! Wow! That is one horrendously grumpy feline.

  • He's like "Fuck this fucking bullshit pipe, I thought it was a slide."

  • "Okay, now what are you doing? Don't bang it!"

  • "Mate! This is the stupidest fucking idea yet!"

  • "Stop it! Crikey, I don't mean to sound ungrateful,"

  • "but yeah... don't... don't... what are you doing now?"

  • "Don't pull on my ears again."

  • "We've been over this, this is a shit idea as well!"

  • "What are you going for now? You're going for my tail."

  • "Remember what I said about tail awareness?"

  • "Don't fucking pull it off! Don't rip off my whole tail!"

  • "Jesus fucking Christ!"

  • "Okay, yeah, squish my ears in, that's good."

  • "We don't want to rip my ears off."

  • "Yep, just... okay! No, I've got it, I've got it! Thank you very much okay."

  • "I'm out of here now, I've got to go hunt some mice, fuck yes!"

Here we have a kitten that probably has... a couple of regrets.


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オジー・マンのレビュー。パイプに刺さった猫 (Ozzy Man Reviews: Cat Stuck in a Pipe)

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