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I'd like to introduce you to commerce secretary, Gary Locke.
The secretary is making his first public appearance here
today with all of you-- again another significant gesture
about the importance of the 2010 census.
So please help me welcome commerce secretary, Gary Locke.
[GARY LOCKE] Well thank you very much,
Juan, for the introduction.
And I appreciate the great work that you do
on NPR and on Fox News.
It's really a pleasure to be here this morning speaking
out to so many organizations and individuals who are joining
with the Census Bureau and the Department of Commerce
in promoting one of our nation's most important
and sacred events.
Actually, Juan said that this is my first public appearance
as Secretary of Commerce.
This is actually my first duty as secretary of commerce.
I was confirmed by the senate last week,
came into Washington D.C. late last night got into the hotel
about 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and instead of going
to the Department of Commerce this morning I came here.
So this is my very first stop in my official duty
as Secretary of Commerce.
But it's a measure of the priority that the Department
of Commerce and the Census Bureau has.
And it's a-- a measure of my commitment as well.
Yours is an extraordinary commitment.
Your organizations and you as individuals are not being paid
by the federal government to do this work
on behalf of the Census Bureau.
You're doing it because you understand and believe
in the tenets of quality and full representation regardless
of economic status, regardless of race or ethnic origin.
And that in fact is the foundation of the census.
The census stems or goes back to the origins of our country.
It's spelled out in the Constitution.
In 1790 it was the subject
of the very first presidential veto in American history.
And it was a subject of dispute
between Thomas Jefferson and Hamilton.
The census is in the origin of our democracy.
And it must include everyone.
And we're gonna make sure
that the Census Bureau has the independent leadership
that it deserves and the professional oversight
that the American people demand.
In 2000 the Census Bureau had more than 140,000 partners
who helped encourage the residents of the United States
to stand up and be counted.
For the 2010 census we will mobilize a very broad
and diverse coalition of trusted members of the community
to reach out to all Americans especially those
who are least likely to be counted.
The Census Bureau depends on volunteers and organizations
like you from every corner of America.
It is your familiar, trusted voices
that will help us succeed.
We need you.
We need you to be active in your communities, in your churches,
your schools, soup kitchens, businesses, homeless shelters,
community centers, food banks, on the newspaper,
on the television, over the Internet,
educating residents about the census.
The census determines how many members
of Congress for each state.
And then it's used by the states to determine the boundaries
of each congressional district as well
as legislative districts.
It also helps determine how some $300 billion every year
by the federal government is allocated to our communities
for programs ranging from education to human services.
So being counted means deserved,
well deserved dollars for our communities,
dollars that our communities need and truly deserve.
It's our job to let Americans know that taking part
in the census is important, easy and safe.
Residents must know that their information is secure.
That it is illegal for members of the Census Bureau
to share any personal information with anyone.
And that means other law enforcement agencies whether
it's the IRS, the FBI,
immigration or welfare officials.
Any information collected
by the Census Bureau is absolutely confidential.
And please, please let people know that this year,
the 2010 Census is very simple.
2010, ten questions, ten minutes.
So completing the census form will be very, very easy.
And for every census form returned
in the mail it will save the federal government more money
down the road in terms of trying to send out people
into the communities to determine the count.
The census is one of the most important functions
of the federal government.
And your commitment as a partner is absolutely critical.
We will not be able to do this census without you
and the organizations you represent.
We're excited about the events and the activities
that will take place over the next 12 months
as we approach April 1, 2010, united in a cause
that effects the lives of every single person in America.
For almost 210 years the government has conducted a
census and our goal remains the same.
Count every American once, only once and in the right location.
And I thank you for your involvement
and wish you all great luck and good work in the year ahead.
Thank you very much.


Commerce Secretary Locke

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